Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because all the cool rockstars have their own hotels!

You guys probably know I'm a huge hotel nerd. I really don't know what it is, but I get all excited about everything from luxury resorts to basic chain hotels. Even if you're just getting away for a weekend, there's something about having a temporary home in a whole new place, I can't quite explain it! And just getting away for a weekend with friends can be soooo nice- a chance to recharge when you can't get away for a whole week or two! I'm always planning elaborate vacations to far-off places, but I'm also always randomly saying to Katie "Hey! Let's drive up to Canada and go bowling just so we can be like 'Hey, remember that time we went bowling in Canada?" I really am going to have to do that someday.

So, anyway, guess who is giving away free hotel nights? Hint:


Subtle enough hint?

Hampton is! Their Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes has a pretty awesome grand prize- you get an entire hotel (100 rooms) to yourself for a weekend! Um... yes, please! How fun would it be to invite all of your friends somewhere for a weekend and be like "Oh, I have a hotel you can stay at, no worries. I have the whole place for the weekend. No big deal or anything, that's just how I roll." I am pretty sure that I need to win this as training for my future career as rockstar (Or as Mrs. The Edge.)

If you don't win the grand prize, you still have a chance at the daily giveaway for a free weekend for you and three friends at any Hampton hotel. Free vacations = wooohoo! The contest only runs till Sept 4, so go enter! And then plan to take me with you! All you have to do is click the link above and enter your contact info.

Click Here
If I win, I think I'd have to take over the Hampton on International Drive in Orlando for a weekend during Epcot's Food & Wine fest, and invite everyone I know! We could wander the fun I-Drive attractions when we're not at Epcot eating and drinking and watching bands from the 80s!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Visit my sponsor: Win a free Weekend Stay

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pick a show...

I have a conundrum.

When I decided to check if there happened to still be tickets for the U2 show in Miami in June 2011, I got all excited that I could still get GA tickets and immediately set out planning to save up. But then I started thinking about it.... Miami in JUNE. And with General Admission, I would have to get there at early o'clock to make sure I get in the inner circle.

That probably requires explanation. The U2 stage for the 360 tour is kinda crazy-go-nuts. To say the least. It looks like this:

We affectionately call it "the claw". The tiny bit in the center is the stage, and the big circle around that is a runway of sorts where His Bononess likes to strut.

Anyway, the point is that I NEED to be in that inner circle. What's the point in going if I'm going to be half a mile away from the band? Inner circle or bust, baby. About 3,000 people fit in there, but I want to be there early enough to get a GOOD inner circle spot! (Aka close to the stage on Edge's side, but back far enough to be able to see well.) I guess that I'm spoiled from years of going to see local bands, where I'm used to being RIGHT by the stage and then drinking with the band after. Going from that world to one where I might end up FAR from the stage freaks me out, y'all.

My plan has just been to get there early with all of the other freaks, but seriously, y'all, have you ever spent like 30 minutes outside in FL in the summer? Imagine spending like 8 HOURS out there. I'm not super thrilled. I've been joking that I'll just swing by Target on the way and pick up a kiddie pool, some water and some booze and wait in line in style. (And after enough booze, start sending Edge messages on Twitter that there are chicks in bikinis in line, come on out!)

But I've recently been considering catching the show in a city OTHER than Miami. There are some alternatives like Anaheim, Philly and Montreal that would be WAY cooler in the summer than good ol' Florida. Miami would obviously be the *easiest* for me, since it is either a 3 hour drive or about a 45 min flight. But it would also be kinda cool to go to one of the other locations. Here are the contenders:

Miami is still #1 for the aforementioned reasons. I've found some sites where I can get GA tickets for about $150, which is way cheaper than the $250 on Ticketmaster! But that doesn't guarentee inner circle, remember, it's that whooooole field section. It doesn't look that big on the seat map, but observe:

I am not paying $150 to be an entire football field away!

Another option is...

I've never been to Minneapolis (except the airport), but it has to be cooler than Miami in June, right? The problem here is that the stage is at the far end where a goal post would be, instead of on one of the sides like in Miami, so the possibility for sucky GA spots increases.

Then there is...

I could bum around Philladelphia for a day, eat a cheesesteak or something... see the liberty bell? I have no idea what people do in Pennsylvania, to be honest.

Montreal has a really funky seat map for some reason. It confuses me. But I could wander around speaking French, so that would be pretty cool.

Anaheim = free trip to Disneyland! (As long as I'm working for Disney again, that is. It's not like I'm gonna PAY to get into a Disney park! Hmmph!) I am kinda fascinated by the shape of the field here.

Oh, and for comparison... I mentioned that I found GA tickets for Miami for about $150.... the ones for Philly are $92, Anaheim are $89, Montreal are $71 and Minnesota are $68. Why must my city be one of the most expensive? (I am guessing that a LOT of these are only available because the tour had to be postponed when Bono broke himself, so people had to cancel their travel plans. Works out well for me!)

Of course, the obvious other option would be to do Miami AND another city.... Who wants to send me a billion dollars so I can just follow the boys around all summer? (Quoth me to Katie when discussing the fact that I must see this show no matter how broke I am- "I can't let the world end in 2012 without at least TRYING to make out with The Edge!!!")

Speaking of his Edgeness, this photo from the show in Vienna today:

THOSE, Mr. The Edge, sir, are some excellent pants. Just sayin'. (O.M.G.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quick updateyness!

I have a few different posts in the works, but some quick updates:

1) Apple, my car, is back home!! CELEBRATE!! (More on THAT saga soon!)

2) At the request of my friend Katie (Hi, KT.) I have updated the "100 things about me" page and put a link to it over there ---> in the sidebar. See the little button? Katie was nice enough to point out that it hadn't been updated since like 1932 or something and was horribly out of date.

3) I FINALLY recieved my eyeshadow order from Glamour Doll Eyes, so that review and swatches are coming soon!

4) I'm trying to decide where to see U2 next summer. It's a whole big debate. I'll be asking for your opinion!

5) The Edge? Still hot. Observe:

All that yoga has been paying off, I know a lot of bellydancers who can't do a backbend like that!! As if I wasn't already totally in love, Edge is BENDY.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


All of a sudden, I feel dirty.

(Image via this article on Jezebel mocking Heidi's tweets.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Snow in London Paris under the snow

It's funny, but after a few years of the endless summer of living in Florida, I'm kind of craving snow.

Snowflakes at Břevnov Monastery

I miss:
*The crunch of thick snow beneath your boots
*The softness and quiet when the world is blanketed in white
*Tiny animal footprints breaking the surface
*Watching giant flakes drift down from the sky
*The way ice coats each little branch of a tree

There's just something kind of magical about it.

Of course, like travel, I think winter is only glamorous in retrospect. I most certainly do NOT miss:

*Being stuck in the house because the roads are covered in ice.
*Never, ever feeling warm, no matter how many blankets you pile on.
*You can't wear flip-flops!
*In fact, forget cute clothes in general, because you are going to be wearing 87 layers.
*Having to scrape snow and ice off of car windows and constantly run the defroster while you drive.

Of course, I wouldn't mind so much if I had these guys to shovel my driveway:

I noticed that the main page for this blog is still getting some hits, so I just wanted to update- If you haven't already, please visit me at blog.lovemanythings.net instead!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Celebrity Playlist (Part 1)

I recently (ok, a few months ago?) discovered the Celebrity Playlist podcasts on iTunes. They are exactly what they sound like- celebs talking about songs they like. My favorite one is obviously The Edge's (squee!), because who doesn't want to listen to a hot dude with an Irish accent talk about music for 20 minutes? There are a bunch of them, though, from Lady GaGa to Slash to Mick Jagger & Keith Richards to Katy Perry. While I was listening to one, I started thinking about which songs I would put on my own Celebrity Playlist, should I happen to find myself suddenly so terribly popular that people wanted to know what I was listening to. So I made one.

In the actual Celebrity Playlists, they talk about a song and then play a clip of it. Since I'm doing this in blog form, I'm going to post YouTubes of each song instead. I'm going to limit this to 10 songs per post, to save your (and my) computers from falling over dead. Some of the artists I've listened to pick songs that everybody knows about anyway (GaGa has lots of Michael Jackson), but some pick some lesser-known songs and artists as a way to introduce them to their fans. I think that is way more awesome, so I tried to avoid songs that everyone totally already knows, and instead pick songs that I am in love with that you might not know about. So here we go! (This is part 1 of 2 or maybe 3.)

Reflecting Light- Sam Philips

I found this song on the episode of Gilmore Girls at the almost-end of season 4 when Lorelai and Luke dance at a wedding together, so it will always remind me of that.

Skullcrusher Mountain- Jonathan Coulton

This is the song that introduced me to JoCo, and it is awesome. There just aren't enough songs involving half pony/half monkey monsters these days, if you ask me.

Saiidi- Pentaphobe

I love Pentaphobe, and I love the Saiidi beat, so you have to love a combination of the two! Plus an old school performance by The Indigo! Rachel Brice is still pretty much the coolest dancer ev-er.

The Sky is Cryin'- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Reve Rouge- Cirque du Soleil La Nouba soundtrack

I love the whole La Nouba soundtrack, but I picked this video because it has the guy with the pecs. I've seen this show twice (both times for free- sometimes working for Disney Does Not Suck!) and it always kind of reminds me of what humans are capable of if we push ourselves. Plus, it's a visual delight. (see aforementioned shirtless dude.)

Electrical Storm- U2

You know I couldn't do a playlist without picking some U2. I wanted something that wasn't super-popular like Where the Streets Have No Name or With or Without You, but that I still love to bits and listen to a lot, so I went with Electrical Storm. This song appeared on the Best Of album, but no regular album, although it was recorded during the making of All That You Can't Leave Behind. The video to the song was directed by Anton Corbijn, who has photographed the band for about a zillion years, and features drummer Larry Mullen Jr which is.... unusual, to say the least. I'm not calling Larry unusual, just the non-Bono focused video. Plus, I think Harry Potter's dad's patronus makes a cameo in the video. (See 2:53, I totally mean it, fo' realz.)

Although, as hot (and never-aging in a creepy Dorian Gray way) as Larry is, there is a serious lack of Edge in this video. I mean, 3 minand 15 seconds of NO EDGE? WHY did I say I liked this again? Oh, I was talking about the song, not the video. At least when Edge does show up, he's wearing a cowboy hat and a tight-ish white t-shirt, so that's pretty ok. (By pretty ok I mean HAWT.)

I would have posted a live version instead, but they've only played this live like three times ever ever in the whole history of the universe. What's up with that? I like this song! Play it already! I should go on Twitter and ask Edge why they don't.

Um, I'm shutting up now.

Ok, not quite. Just because I know how many Larry fangirls there are in the world (That's cool, more Edge for me!) here's the "making of" for the video. It features Larry saying "This is Anton Corbijn. He makes me wet."

Everlasting Love- U2

I feel justified in including this because in a phone conversation with my friend Todd a few months ago, when I mentioned how obsessed I am with it, he said something like "Pfft, whatever, U2 never covered Everlasting Love!" and I was all "Oh contraire!" and e-mailed it to him. His response is significant because Todd is such a U2 fan that I know his childhood cat's favorite U2 album (Joshua Tree, duh.) Acutally, that probably speaks more to how well we know each other than his U2 fandom, but trust me, him not knowing this exists is pretty major.

I'm sure I've posted this video before, but it never fails to crack me up. I love the "Bromance" of Bono & Edge. Heterolifemates for the win! Reminds me of an awesome interview with B's wife Ali where she says something like "I know Bono has a second wife named Edge...."

Not Fire, Not Ice- Ben Harper

This is my favorite love song. It's so simple- acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing cluttered, nothing fancy, nothing over the top. That makes me think of those really great loves that just WORK, you just fit each other.

Under the Waves - Pete Droge

This is one of my absolute favorite songs. I can put this on repeat for like an hour and be incredibly content. I don't even know what else to say about it!

Thus concludes part 1 of my playlist! What songs do you want to share with the world?

Friday, August 20, 2010


With all the crazyness lately, I needed a change, so back to red hair it is! Yay!

Apparently this is the face I make when I feel kinda awkward taking pictures of myself in my back yard.

It's red!

I am much prettier when slightly out of focus.

This is how I feel after ten minutes outside in the zillion degree weather!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The current promotion at e.l.f. is ten free eyeshadow quads with a purchase of $20 or more. WHY must I be broke?? Boo-hoo!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stuff I totally need Saturday #4!

Stuff I want totally need Saturday #4: Free People (Which is actually kind of being posted on Sunday instead, because life got in the way. Sorry.)

OMG, I thought I had already done a SITNS for Free People! I can't believe I haven't! Let the drooling begin!!

Any shirt that laces up the back is an instant win!

My boobs would never fit in the space allotted, but I still love it.

I love the sort of unfinished look!

Can't decide if I like the indigo color or the ivory better!

Joe Lace Up Over the Knee Boots, $298
I have been drooling over these since before they even came out! SO MUCH LOVE! If only they weren't $300. Ouch. They also come in black and lighter brown, but this color showed them off the best!

So cute! And at least you could wear one strap of a bra...

Again, I seem to have a thing for unfinished seams. And the pattern at the bottom = love!

Not sure if I like the dark or light color better.

Buttonfront Lace Back Tank

I love this shirt because it looks all simple and innocent from the front...

But then the back is all lacy and see-through and awesome! (These pics are from 2 different colors, btw, it isn't a weird two-colored shirt!)

We the Free short sleeve lace trim scoop top (Wow that name is a mouthfull!) $48
I love this shirt! It's basic, but well-cut and I like the gradient of color and lace detail.

Open Up Short Sleeve Crew Neck, $48

I love the slouchy vibe and comfyness, while still being stylish.

Peacock Charm Necklace, $18

I should totally make a necklace like this. Of course, making one would probably still cost me like $12...

Turquoise Dot Disc Ring, $98

I love this ring, the colors and the chunkyness, but...

Um, the "lead regulations" thing kinda concerns me.

Long Moonshake Earrings, $88.

Unfortunately these have disappeared from the site in the few days between my capturing pictures and actually writing up the blog! Not that I would have spent $88 on earrings, but ya know.

Winged Insect Necklace, $148

I am a HUGE fan of dragonflies, and this is just plain awesome. Wearing insects around your neck is NOT awesome, you say? Well, let me just reply to that with...

HAH! I new I'd find another use for that eventually.

Car Update

My pretty pretty car (her name is Apple) has been gone for a few days now. I knew I was behind on payments (two), but I sent in some money about a week ago (About 1/3 of a payment, but it was something! And all I had.) So imagine my delight when my mom woke me up on Wednesday, shrieking "They are TAKING your CAR!" I had been asleep, so I threw on some pants and ran upstairs (soooo wishing I'd taken a minute to add a bra, in retrospect...) and went out to talk to the dudes in the tow truck. I believe my opening line was something totally intelligent like "Um... what's up?"

The guys were nice enough to let me get all the stuff out of my car- they don't have to do that. Poor guy tried to talk bands with me when I said my cds in the car were mostly local bands so I wanted to make sure they weren't lost, but I was not really up for conversation. And then they drove off with my car. I went inside and cried, a lot. For about ten minutes. And then I figured the more productive thing to do would be to sit my ass down and write some articles to make some money, in sad, pathetic hopes of bringing poor Apple home.

I wanted to avoid calling Chrysler (Don't ask why my loan for a Ford Mustang is through Chrysler Financial, I have no idea, either. I think they offered us a lower rate than Ford?) because a) every time I have had to call them in the past, or they have called me, they have been absolute BITCHES, and b) my cell phone plan is pay-as-you-go. I put about $10 on it every few months so that I have enough minutes for emergencies and a handfull of texts, but I have a feeling that calling to get info on getting my car back will NOT be a 5 minute deal, and I'd rather not spend a fortune on it. So I submitted an e-mail through their website, saying something along the lines of:

"O hai!" (Ok, maybe this isn't a DIRECT quote from my e-mail...) "U haz reposessed mah car, no warninz. Plz give back, kthnx? Here mah account # and contact infoz. I no haz tellyphone, sry."

(I am now thinking I seriously SHOULD have sent the e-mail in LOLCat speak.)

Anyway, they replied to my (more intelligently worded, I promise) message with:

Thank you for your email to the Chrysler Financial Customer Assistance

I apologize for your current situation. Please contact Chrysler
Financial at (phone # here) to discuss with our representative your

As your dedicated finance partner, we appreciate the opportunity to
serve you. Should you have any questions about this email or your
account in general, please contact our Customer Service Center at (800 #).

Wow, THANKS, Mr. Form-letter! That was totally helpful. Except not. So I messaged them back:

I apologize but it looks like someone overlooked my note in my original e-mail that said I do not currently have a phone so I am unable to call. And as you can image it is hard to get to a place with a phone when you suddenly find yourself without a car. If you could help me with the information I requested I would appreciate it.

Kind of snarky, but dude, they just took my car with zero warning, so I was feeling the snark. Of course, the next day came the following reply...

Thank you for your email to the Chrysler Financial Customer Assistance Center.

Unfortunately, you will need to contact the redemption department by phone for the information needed to redeem your vehicle. Again, the phone number is (phone # here).

As your dedicated finance partner, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Should you have any questions about this email or your account in general, please contact our Customer Service Center at (800 #).


The other reason I don't want to call is that I totally suck at being an adult. (As if getting my car repo'd wasn't enough evidence of that...) I have panic attacks, and my current insurance and money-less states mean I'm almost out of pretty, pretty Xanax. There's probably a 50-50 chance that when I do call them, it will go something like this:

Them: "Evil Bastard Chrysler Financial, what do you want?"

Me: *whimpery noises*

Them: "Hellooooooo? What do you want?"

Me: I... I... I miiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss myyyyyyyyyyyyy Apppppplllleeee! Bring her hoooooooooome! *sniffles and gasping for breath*

Them: (muffled) Um, Bob? I have some chick on the line sobbing about... apples? I can't tell. She might be hyperventilating. What should I tell her?

Bob: Well, duh, you just say "As your dedicated finance partner, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you." Don't you read the manuals, Stan?

Me: *passes out from lack of oxygen and hangs up*

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that is how it will go down. Maybe I'll do the super-adult thing and ask my mommy to call.

The really sad part? (Like the rest wasn't pathetic enough?) I've been making car payments EVERY MONTH since I was 17. Given that I'm now 28-and-eight months, that's something like 135 payments. I've paid a total of over $24,000 over the years. (Interest sucks.) I was down to oweing LESS than $4,000. EPIC. FAIL.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It speaks the truth!

Those of you who remember how much I hate Sun Trust bank will understand why seeing this on Failblog today seriously cracked me up!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My car just got repossessed. WTF do I do?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Happy B-Day, Edge

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guitarists ever, a guy who totally has a spot in my Top 5 Celebrity crush list, The Edge!!

This last pic appeared on the U2 boards I frequent a few days ago, right after it was taken. About two minutes later, after a quarter million posts asking "Does the Edge have BEES on his shirt??" this showed up:

I am totally going to start using that instead of my old standby, this:

Slightly off topic of His Edgyness's birthday, but still on topic of me being a giant nerd, these photos also showed up on the boards, providing a perfect example of why I love U2 so much. What other band would order dozens of pizzas for the mob camped outside listening to the soundchecks they were doing at the stadium a few days before the first show of the new leg of their tour?

I'm so excited to see Bono back and looking all healthy after his tour-postponing back surgery!

You can rest assured I thought of every pizza guy porn EVER after seeing this.

Larry can bring me pizza any day!

I looked through my YouTube favorites for the perfect video to celebrate Edge's b-day, and I had to go with this one for its pure Edgeness, the fact that it is under 2 minutes so you have no excuse to skip watching it and make me cry, and the fact that it contains a phrase I often quote, "It's the thing I'm most proud of, my modesty."