Friday, January 07, 2011

Coquette Red Satin and Lace Bustier

After an entire week of waiting (Priority shipping FAIL!), my beautiful red satin and lace bustier top came from Eden Fantasys today! Sadly, it doesn't fit my boobs AT ALL, so I am going to have to return it. I wanted to list some info for anyone else considering purchasing it, though!

Red satin and lace bustier - Bustier

Although there is no packaging, the bustier does have a tag on it featuring photos of models in the different colors offered, as well as the size and style number. Sewn into the bustier right next to the zipper is a red and black tag with Coquette's logo on one side and the materials (100% polyester), manufacturer location (made in China) and care instructions (Hand Wash). There is also a tiny white tag under this one that says XL.

The inside of the bustier is the matte side of the shiny red satin that you see on the outside. It isn't scratchy, and feels comfortable against the skin, but isn't silky either. There are 7 strips of plastic boning, including one on each side of the laces.

Although you can see and feel the underwires quite firmly from inside the bustier, I could barely even find them when I had it on. The cups of the bustier are lined but not padded, and won't do anything to shape your breasts. The black lace that decorates the top of the cups has a line of elastic running through it to help it conform to your curves. I was surprised by how soft the lace is, it seems like nice quality. The straps are totally adjustable, and I measured them at being 18" long when fully extended, or 10" long when made as short as possible.

The outside of the bustier is gorgeous. Soft black floral print lace covers the shiny red satin, and is accented by the black stripes of the boning. Between the cups is a small black ribbon bow (about an inch long), and dangiing from the center of the bow is a silver metal pair of lips, the Coquette logo. Although actual lace decorates the top of the cups, the rest of the top and bottom of the bustier is trimmed with a sort of black ruffled ribbon instead.

I was surprised to see that the ribbon that laces up the back is basically what you would find at a craft store, I had expected something sturdier. It is pretty- shiny black on one side and matte on the other, but it got pretty creased up just in the half hour or so I spent trying to adjust the fit, so I imagine that it would show a lot of wear over time. However, you could probably replace it pretty easily with any other ribbon you like. Although I didn't measure it, the ribbon is several feet long, which means that you can adjust the size of this bustier to fit a large variety of waists.

Length-wise, this fit me pretty much as depicted in the photo of the model in the product description, which surprised me since I'm so tall- I expected it to fall a lot shorter. I do still wish it was about two inches longer at the bottom, just to avoid feeling like I need to tug it down from time to time.

The only other negative I found besides the boob issues was that the zipper does tend to run off track, it took me several times to get it to zip up the first time.

All of the other reviews I have read really liked this, and I think I would too if it fit up top! Awesome boobs are such a burden sometimes, dude.


Katie said...

Every once in awhile it works in my favor that your boobs are totally bigger than mine! :)

Julie D. said...

I like that Bustier, but it probably wouldn't fit me either. Having big boobs sucks sometimes.

Suzy said...

That's too bad it didn't fit right. I just recently had a similar problem except I'm too small! Haha. I bought a bra from and it didn't fit me. I bet you'd like that store if you haven't been there already.

sueparks2003 said...

I soo could not wear something like that and I am envious! I do hope though that yours fits great when it comes back. Have fun with it cus age is not good to us woman.

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

Too bad it doesn't fit!