Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Carpet Highs and Lows

As you may know, I pretty much never watch TV. I watch Glee and Gossip Girl (Hi, I am apparently 17) and really awful reality TV like Bridalplasty (WHYYY, KRISTIN, WHYYY?). But for the most part the Magic Box (as my dear departed Todd called it) mostly collects dust in the corner of my bedroom.

I can't resist a good red carpet, though, so I had to tune in to E!'s coverage of the Golden Globes carpet, as well as the (meh) awards show after.

I want Brad and Angelina to be my BFFs, as they are both so freakishly hot and made of 100% awesomesauce. Plus Brad is from Springfield, MO so he is totally my homeboy. Anyway, I love that Angelina's dress is basically pretty simple, her hair was simple, there's no flashy jewelry, but she was totally stunning!

Oh, Natalie Portman. I'm so sorry you had to walk the red carpet in that pink gown my mom sleeps in. I know some people love this, but the gown is hideous, the red lips/clutch/shoes/rose are WAY too matchy-matchy, and the necklace just doesn't go with the look. Epic fail.

I heart you, Ann Hathaway, and this dress is fabulous. Some people who were there in person say that the mesh covering her back looked awful in person, but it photographed great, which totally matters more. Love this!

I like the bubblegummy color of Lea Michele's dress, but it is just trying WAY too hard. She's a young girl, she needs something lighter and more youthful. This reminds me of if a teeny tiny Thumbelina-type got stuck in a giant wad of gum. I like it from the waist up- if it had gone for a more streamlined sihlouette below that, it could have worked, but just... no.

I don't technically know who Olivia Wilde is, but for me she is the epic fashion win of the night. The dress is perfect, the Louboutins hidden beneath add extra awesome, and she knew better than to pile on bling with a dress like that. Epic win.

I don't have words for how much I want to rip that bow off her waist. Most people have complained about the odd blue brooch, but I can't get past the fugly bow. Go away, bow!

Nothing to say about the suit, but Chris Colfer's win/speech was probably my favorite part of the whole show.

Again, nothing to say- I just really, really like looking at him.

Who did you love and hate? Did you find Ricky Gervais amusing or annoying? Did you die laughing when the dude on Chelsea Lately last night accidentally announced that Natalie won for "Best Swan"? 'Cause that was awesome.


Mama Zen said...

I thought that Eva Longoria looked fantastic!

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I did not like the Zolie's dress. Those shoulders, ooof!

Katie said...

Olivia Wilde = Teh Awesome. How have I not educated you about her, yet?

Natalie Portman = Best Swan