Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tape Debate

I have a conundrum, dear friends.

I have been going through all of the boxes and boxes of stuff that I left behind at my mom's house when I moved to Florida, and I just came across an entire box of old VHS tapes. So I'm curious...

What do I *DO* with them?

They seem so bulky to keep around, and a lot of them are of things I now have on DVD, but there are a million unlabeled ones that I would have to watch (or at least fast forward through) to discover the contents.

Do you still have all of your old VHS tapes? Did you get them converted to DVD? Just buy dvds to replace the things you had taped? Just toss them all in the trash? I'm super curious to know!

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sharoneb said...

Yes, I still have all my VHS tapes, and haven't converted them over to DVD's yet because I am cheap. I have all of them on my Amazon wishlist, so I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually. I still have all the blank ones that I recorded TV shows onto, but they're so old and my VCR barely works any more, so I'll probably just end up chucking the rest of those.

I do have several VHS's of U2 stuff which I have no clue what to do with, as it's all TV appearances and a few old school concerts that you can't find anywhere. If theres a cheap way of getting them converted to DVD, I should really look into it.

This is Thora, btw! :D