Friday, January 21, 2011

You all, everybody!

Post title inspired by the delightful number of Drive Shaft shirts that came up when I searched for band shirts.

I have a bit of a pet peeve about t-shirts. Not so much about shirts themselves, but about how they are marketed.

A few months ago, I was looking for a maroon t-shirt to alter into an even more awesome maroon t-shirt. I hit my friendly neighborhood Target (and by "neighborhood" I mean "45 min away"- Missouri sucks at some things.) and browsed around. I only found one maroon t-shirt, went to try it on, and found it to fit horribly. I was grumpy and sad, because I am impatient and wanted my shirt N-O-W. Before totally admitting defeat, I hit the men's section and behold! A maroon t-shirt of epic awesomeness, and only $7! SCORE.

I am not going to bitch about a men's Medium fitting me better than a women's XL, nor about it being $7 instead of $25. Instead, I am going to whine because when I ventured into that exotic land of them men's department (Hey, I've been single for a while.), I came across a whole slew of awesome band t-shirts. Whaaaa?

Since then, I have noticed it in several other places- the men's section of pretty much any mass merchandiser (Target, Wal-Mart, etc) or department store (Kohls, Macys, etc) or just clothing store in general will have an awesome array of band shirts. The women's section will not.

Society, are you trying to tell me I shouldn't like music? That my lack of a penis means that I can't like the Beatles?

I kid, but seriously. Let's look at some of the graphic tees currently available for womenfolk at my beloved Target (That is pronounced Tar-zhay, if you didn't know.)

(I feel the need to share that I just took a break from writing this post to eat pizza. It is 9am. I am obviously a girl whose opinions you should take super-seriously.)

Anyway, chick shirts:

Including this shirt is my shout-out to The Bloggess. I feel kinda bad for the model, btw- "Smile so we can cut your head off!"

Hey, that guy used to be my boss!

Posting this shirt because Rachel Zoe is my imaginary BFF.

I don't even have the energy to rant about THIS one right now. Or the fact that the model's arm seems to be on backward.

ZOMG, a Paramore shirt! That is like, a BAND! I FOUND ONE!

Product Image Justin Bieber Hearts Tee - Pink


In conclusion: band shirts? Not so much. There was one Black Eyed Peas shirt in there that I didn't post because it was cut exactly like a men's shirt. There was also a Katy Perry "pin-up" image shirt, which I am not counting because I believe Katy Perry fails at both music and pin-up-ness (and maybe life.) . Otherwise, that is IT for band shirts. Oh, there are some Glee shirts, but although music-related, Glee is not a band, and the L-shaped fingers look like they are about to pinch nipple. Now if they sold a Puck shirt, I'd be all over that, but that's another post.

For comparison's sake, let's check out the men's department!

I had to photoshop snazzy graphics together or they would have gone on forever. But you get the point. Why do the dudes get the Beatles and we don't? Why can't I have Jimmy Page on my boobs?

Does this annoy you, too? Or are you thinking "Dude, walk 10 feet to the men's section and get your band tees there, you lazy ass!"

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Sexist pigs. let's revolt.