Thursday, February 17, 2011

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

I was just looking through my drafts folder on blogger and found that I never posted my reviews of the e.l.f. mineral shadows I got back around March! Yikes! It's amazing what gets lost in that folder! On the plus side, since I've had these for like 3 months now, I can report back on them in a pretty informed way! (This is not a sponsored review, btw! Just my opinions on things I paid for with my own dollars!)

As I mentioned in my last e.l.f. post, I got 10 free mineral shadows with my e.l.f. order- score! These sell for $3 each, so that's $30 worth of free stuff with an order I only paid $30 total for!

I already had two of the mineral shadows and wasn't crazy about them (nice quality but WAY too shimmery for me, and I like shine) so I probably wouldn't have gotten around to actually buying any of these for quite a while. But who can say no to free? The two mineral shadows from my last order looked nothing like the colors shown online, so I am including both the photo from e.l.f.'s site and my own photos for each color so you can compare!

For this post, I'm just going to cover the 5 neutral shades I got, I'll save the 5 colorful ones for another post!

Angelic is pretty much exactly what it looks like- a very shimmery white. I don't use this a lot because I prefer matte colors for under my browbone, but it is nice and pigmented and will totally do the trick if you want a sparkly white.

Innocent (matte)
I really wish e.l.f. did more matte mineral shadows! Although Innocent looks almost white online, it is actually the color of the lightest shade of ivory pressed powder you would normally find in the foundation isle. I really like this under my browbone if I don't want to do pure white. It makes a really nice neutral backdrop to build up other colors around. This is one of the top 2 of my 12 mineral shadows in terms of what gets used the most.

Natural is a hard color to photograph. If you look at my swatch photo above, you'll see that it looks VERY different than this photo from the site. The actual color is somewhere in between- it isn't quite as dark and orange as it photographed on my hand, but the picture from the site makes it look matte and bland beige, which it isn't either. It's a very coppery color, a little lighter than a very shiny new penny. I use this one occasionally, but not a lot.

Celebrity is one of my top 2 favorite mineral shadow colors, and I use it quite a bit. It isn't quite as dark as it photographed in my pic, but it's otherwise pretty accurate. This is a really great shimmery neutral! I like to pair it with Innocent and then a dark matte brown in the crease.

Socialite is another really hard color to describe. It looks dark brown in the pic I took, but here it looks almost purple. I know this isn't the most flattering description, but it reminds me of dirt. Think about how soil just looks plain brown until you look closely and see the little bits of stone and sand and plants mixed in.

Here's Socialite in a couple of different lights, applied both wet and dry:

In natural sunlight

Indoors with flash

I admittedly don't use this color a lot, but I do think it is really interesting!

In another post, I'll cover the other mineral shadows I got: Beachy, Dreamy, Outdoorsy, Elegant and Glamorous!

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