Thursday, February 17, 2011

Face Candy Couture Review & Swatches

I have been meaning to write this review for about a month, I'm so far behind! I was sent some free samples by Face Candy Couture, a company that does a wide range of colors of eye shadows! Here are the sample bags I got:

The first thing I noticed is that the sample bags are TINY!! Here is one on top of the standard size of sample bag I've seen from other companies:

Big difference! Of course, Face Candy Couture's samples are free, vs paying for samples from most other companies. I'm kind of on the fence about the samples- on one hand, yay for being free! But on the other, you don't get to pick which colors you get and the bags are way too tiny to maneuver a brush in, so you either have to dump them out into something or squish a pinky finger in there. If I had to pick, I think I would much rather spend $1 on a larger sized sample bag in a color I picked than get itty bitty samples for free. The plus side of not picking colors, though, is you may end up loving a color you never would have picked out yourself. Here are the 5 colors I received in my envelope (pics from FCC's website):


Blue Lightning

Baby Cakes

Pink Sparkle


My Swatches:

And swatches. These were all just swatched over e.l.f.'s eye primer and applied dry.

As I'm sure you probably know by now, as useful and awesome as swatches are, there is a big difference between how an eye shadow looks on your hand and how it looks on your eye, so here are a few looks I tried out with the samples:

This is the "Pink Sparkle" color on my lid, although it is kind of hard to see here.
This color is way more Barbie Dreamhouse than it is photographing. There is a LOT of glitter! I like it quite a bit, despite the fact that you get a lot of glitter fall-out. Definitely keep something handy to clean up under your eye after applying this!

I kept trying the Pink Shimmer with black liner, and it just didn't look quite right. I almost always wear black liner with my pink shadows, but with this color it felt too harsh or too hard or just too... *something*. After pondering a million options, I finally tried the Pink Shimmer with Unicorn from Glamour Doll Eyes used as a liner, and loved how it turned out:

I also love Pink Shimmer with Boyfriend Sweater from Glamour Doll Eyes as a liner:

Extreme eyelid close-up alert!

Next I played with the blues. I never really order blues because they just look unflattering on me, but I wanted to at least play with these enough to be able to review them!

This is Smurfette worn on the lid with Blue Lightning as a liner. Pardon my horrible liner application, I don't think I had slept ina very long time when this was taken!
Same thing with the eye open and my giant upper part of my lid covering everything.
This is Smurfette on the lid with Blue Lightning in the crease and a random black eyeliner. Funny, but I can barely tell the two blues apart in this pic even though they look totally different in their packages.
Up next: Baby cakes!

This is a hard color to describe- it is a sort of yellow-orange gold, somewhere between citrusy and metallic. This is another color I would never pick out for myself, but it was fun to try. (Shown here with a brown color from an e.l.f. quad in the crease and brown e.l.f. liner pen.)

Full size (1.2 grams in a 5 gram jar) jars from Face Candy Couture are $4.99, but there is currently a special where you can get 3 for $9.99.


V said...

LOVING Those shades, but your eyes take the cake! Beautiful.

Meggy said...

So pretty! I love the sparkle in those shadows. I think gold might be my fav just because it's so unexpected.

Meggy from Chasing Davies

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