Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Inappropriate Love Poem Tweets

I have no idea how we ever get onto the topics of conversation that we do, but tonight Katie and I ended up writing Twitter-length V-Day poems for some of our favorite fellas.

My first two:

@Mark_Salling Roses are red, violets are blue, Happy V-Day, I say we screw.

Too sappy? Possibly. I'll try again.

@Mark_Salling I like the mohawk, Atop your head, Now drop your pants, And get in bed.

Sometimes I'm just so romantic it hurts.

Katie's ode to Neil Gaiman:

@Neilhimself My dear Mr. G, everyone can see, that you totally want me

(I suggested "To my Valentine/ The so divine/ Mr Neil G/ Come do me")

And to her truest love, Helena Bonham Carter (who we are pretty sure does not tweet, but who cares?)

Bellatrix and Mrs. Lovett, tell the boys where they can shove it, and WOW DID IT GO TO A DIRTY PLACE IN MY MIND AFTER THAT

Well, it started well.

And me again, for my favorite dude in a hat:

@360FromTheEdge Mr The Edge, You rock the stage, With your Explorer, Wanna make out?

Hmm, I think I may have screwed up there at the end. Let's try again.

@360FromTheEdge You're hotter than Bono, I know this is true, But um, I wouldn't mind if you brought him along or anything, if ya know what I mean.

Hmm. This is really not going well.

@360FromTheEdge Black knit beanie cap, Perched atop your head, Will you keep it on, Even while in bed?

I give up. Let's try a haiku:

Hey, guitarist dude
Such a large effects unit
Can I push buttons?

Katie's turn again:

@Lord_Voldemort7 Dark Lord Voldy, please make me your pawn. I'll be your Death Eater if you'll show me your wand.

I sometimes worry about her choice of men.

And for my beloved Stephen Colbert:

@StephenAtHome You're in my bedroom every night, So I think that you should know, I'm kinda cheating on you with, That dude from the Daily Show.

Maybe we shouldn't quit our day jobs.

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V said...

LOL I LOVE THIS POST! Those are some great bed room picks.