Thursday, March 03, 2011

Awesome Eyebrow Guide

It all started with this conversation... (MTE is me, Lady Bobo is Katie. I have our names set like that in Yahoo Messenger because it makes me laugh.)

Ms The Edge: dude, I would kill a man for a cheeseburger & fries from Burger King
Lady Bobo: O_O
Lady Bobo: that sounds so delicious
Lady Bobo: dammit
Ms The Edge: the closest BK is like an HOUR away
Ms The Edge: I used to eat BK at least once a week
Ms The Edge: HOW was I SKINNIER THEN??
Lady Bobo: you were younger?
Lady Bobo: metabolize goes to crap, man
Ms The Edge: I was younger 7 months ago?
Ms The Edge: I've always had sucky metabolism. I kind of think my boobs are the only good genes I got.
Lady Bobo: I was so excited when my boobs came back!
Ms The Edge: I have no hair, no shoulders, no ass, a big nose and horrible dental genes
Ms The Edge: I deserve good boobage
Ms The Edge: oh wait, I have kickass eyebrows
Ms The Edge: but I don't know where I got them
Lady Bobo: you do have awesome eyebrows
Ms The Edge: I KNOW!!
Lady Bobo: i think mine look ok in person, but for some reason, never show up in photographs
Lady Bobo: i have vampire eyebrows
Ms The Edge: what do you put on them?
Lady Bobo: they cannot be photographed
Lady Bobo: put on them?
Lady Bobo: is that a step?
Ms The Edge: oh, dear
Lady Bobo: so what do YOU put on your eyebrows?
Ms The Edge: I am going to do an eyebrow basics blog for you
Lady Bobo: you aren't going to call me out, are you
Ms The Edge: I will just refer to you as Prostitute Panties
Ms The Edge: Nobody will ever know
Lady Bobo: LMFAO
Lady Bobo: SCORE

Oh, I guess I screwed up that not naming names thing. But anyway, I thought I would do a super quick eyebrow tutorial, because oddly enough, my eyebrows are one of the things I get complimented on the most. So if your name happens to be Katie, or you find that you too need some tips and tricks, read on!

First up, tweezing! Although I know some people prefer waxing or threading, I have always stuck with my trusty tweezers. A good pair of tweezers make a world of difference. Mine are super-pointy, and I think cost around $5.

The first thing you need to figure out is WHERE to tweeze. There are some basic guidelines to follow. First, grab a pencil (or eyeliner, or something stick-shaped) and lay it at the side of your nose, pointing straight up. Tweeze any eyebrow hairs that are growing outside of where the pencil lands.

Next, keep the lower end of the pencil at your nose, but angle the top up to the outside edge of your eye. Pluck any hair that falls outside of this line, too.

I forgot to take a photo for the next step, but hopefully you can visualize it. The final thing is to angle the brush/pencil/whatever from the side of your nose to the outside of the iris (colored part) of your eye while looking straight ahead. This is where you want the arch of your brow to be.

One of the most recent tips I have picked up, kind of on accident from taking photos for the blog, is to sweep some matte white eyeshadow across the lid just below your eyebrows. This will make hairs that you may have missed show up much more clearly! There were several times that I went to take pictures for the blog thinking I had totally taken care of the eyebrow situation, only to have a few pop up as visible once I had a highlight shadow on!

Once you have your eyebrows in the desired shape, you are probably going to want to add something to make them stand out a little. If you naturally have super thick or dark brows, you can probably skip this. For everybody else, though, a LIGHT application of powder or brow pencil can make a world of difference. Please note the emphasis on the word light. You do not want to get carried away here- the goal is to not have it noticeable that you even have anything on your brows, you just want to darken them a tiny bit to help frame your eyes. If, for example, someone you have been friends with since before you could drive never knew that putting stuff on your brows was a step (ahem ahem), you are probably doing pretty okay.

Although some people swear by using an eyebrow pencil, and in fact I actually started out gently applying brown eyeliner, I'm a solid fan of using a dark brown eyeshadow applied with a brush. You can use either a flat or angled brush for this, as long as it is fairly stiff. Here are two of mine:

As far as shadow, you want something very close to your actual eyebrow color, maybe just a tiny bit darker. I'm a huge fan of Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes palette (Available at Sephora or on Amazon), which has the perfect brown for brows (and the brush pictured on the left above!)

Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes

Here is my eyebrow before applying anything. Ooooh, ahhh. (I feel so naked posting this!)

The best place to start applying the shadow is towards the center of your brow. This is because when you first touch the brush to your face, the brush is the most loaded with shadow. If you start towards your nose, there is a chance you will end up with a super dark edge of your brow and lighter everywhere else, which is obviously not a very natural look.

Eyebrow after applying brown shadow (pardon the blur):

Not a huge difference, but enough. If you are doing major makeup for a night out, you can go a little heavier on the brows to help draw attention to your eyes, but in general you want to keep it nice and natural. One key step to this is avoiding any harsh edges. The end of your brow is not a straight line, so I shouldn't see a drastic line where your brush stopped. (I know of one beauty blogger who has brows that look like she stenciled them on with a sharpie- super dark and harh lines. It makes me cringe!) It is a good idea to gently sweep your finger across your brow after you apply the shadow to pick up any extra and blend just the tiniest bit. This will also help to ensure that all of the little eyebrow hairs are laying flat and pointing the right direction.

Hope that helps! If you have questions, just ask!


C said...

I love eyebrow tutorials. Probably because I suck at them myself I always seem to manage to have one arched and one more curved. It's down right depressing.

Katie said...

Lady Bobo says thank you. >:)

Erin said...

You do have awesome eyebrows! Your IM convo reminded me of one I had with my friend L...

L.: I totally love your sexy eyebrows!
Me: Thanks! They came with the face.