Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Missing home again

I've been incredibly "homesick" lately- an odd word to use when you are back in the state where you grew up, around family. But I miss my other home, the one I picked out for myself.

At the end of April, it will be a year since I left Orlando. I originally thought I'd only be back in Missouri for about 6 months, but things so rarely work out the way we expect. My current mental timetable has me making my triumphant return to O-Town towards the end of the year, but that's up to so many things falling into place. Or me finding a way to shove them in. (Kinky!)

There are so many random things I miss. Today, I miss standing underneath Spaceship Earth at Epcot, looking up. SSE is one of those icons I never get tired of looking at. I love how it seems to change in different light and weather.

I found myself wondering if I even remember how to BE that other person anymore, the Florida version of me, if that makes sense. You know how you are sometimes different around different people? That's me with different locations. Obviously, they are both ME, so it should be easy to fall back into the rhythm of that life, but I still wonder.

Here, you are expected to make friendly conversation with the person checking you out at the grocery store. (Um, checking out as in ringing you up, not attempting to seduce you.) There, it's fairly rare that the cashier speaks English, protocall suggests you spend the time they are ringing up your groceries either texting or looking exhausted and annoyed. (Want to play "Spot the Disney Employees!" at any Wal-Mart, Target or Publix in Orlando? Look for the person in bad-fitting pants looking like they haven't slept in a week and really, really just want to get home already.) I remember when I first came back to Missouri, I thought it was SO WEIRD that the people you passed in the grocery store aisles would smile at you and make eye contact. Not store employees, just other shoppers. It creeped me out. Now I'm used to it, but I kind of miss the anonymity of shopping where nobody even notices you, let alone makes eye contact. I guess I like not having to fake cheerfulness.

Another thing I miss is the absurd over-availableness of stuff. Of choices. Here, if I want tea, I can choose from a few dozen varieties at the grocery store, and then make it my damn self. In Orlando, if I want tea, I can do that, or I can go to Animal Kingdom and get a chai freeze (or an awesome hot tea like vanilla rooibos or masala chai) from Royal Anandapur Tea. Or I can hit the tea shop in the UK at Epcot for a box. Or I can go to the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian for a steaming pot of Eros with some scones and raspberry tarts. Or I can hit the Joy of Tea stand in China at Epcot for a Plum Wine Green Tea freeze or a Straberry Oolong Tea Bao Bing slushie. And those are just the at Disney options off the top of my head. There are zillions of little coffee/tea shops around town, or I could just go to Starbucks like a normal person. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is the plethora of choices. I miss that.


Thomasina said...

I'm so sorry you're home sick. It's hard to adjust to a familiar surrounding when you want to be some place else. I can't wait until I can take my son to Disney!

Katie said...

I miss you. :(