Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Target Tuesday: Road Trip Edition

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My collection of favorite items this week is inspired by the awesomeness of road trips. And a little bit by the new story I just started writing, which involves a road trip. Oooh, ahh!

Something about this dress just says road trip to me. And it totally appeals to my inner hippie.

Converse® One Star® Hobo - Brown

Every road trip needs a hobo bag!

Comfy yet awesome shoes for driving! May result in awkward tan lines, though.

Is rounding it all out with a weathered cowboy hat kind of cliche? Yes? I couldn't resist, though. I'm a sucker for hats. And oooh, all the ones I found looking for this one might mean an all hat Target Tuesday next week! Or that I am going to go rob a bank and buy them all. Or that you should all send me Target gift cards so I can buy hats and coffee and more coffee. Or that Target should give me a million, billion dollars. Any of those would be ok.


tara said...

I need those braided sandals.. In every color! :)

C said...

Love that dress. Want that dress.

Jennifer B said...

Visiting from Tara's blog! I love the braided sandals!!
Also, I noticed that you're in Orlando. My fellow blogger friend, Krystal (http://krystalskitsch.com) and I are planning a Florida Blogger Meet-up in June in Orlando! If you're interested, the preliminary details are at the end of my post: http://jlobug.blogspot.com/2011/03/target-tuesday-because-i-really-dont.html