Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Tuesday!

Inspired by the lovely Tara of Fabulous but Evil, it is...

I love hats, mostly because they go along so well with one of my other interests, lazyness. When my hair looks craptacular, I can just stick a hat on and bam! Awesomeness.

(Note- No matter how many times I try to CENTER align the pics, Blogger keeps shoving them to the left. Pardon the weird formatting.)

Mossimo Fedora with Band (Brown)

I love that this is a fedora in brown! They're always black, it seems.

Mossimo Captain's Hat
It's $10. I need it.

Merona Navy and White Bucket Hat
I can't decide if I like this in blue or white better. Perfect beach hat!

Adi Designs Cotton Canvas Fashion Military Hat
I've been digging Adi Designs lately, love the military details on this!

Adi Designs Fleece Lined Haley Cap with Braid Detailing
I have no idea why this hat is $27 while most of the others are $10-12, but I still like it. I like anything that you can basically throw on like a baseball cap, but with way more cuteness.

You should do a Target Tuesday, too! If enough people link up, Tara is giving away a Starbucks gift card and dude, I need coffee. So get on that.

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tara said...

That fedora is so cute! I wonder if I could pull it off? Hmm..

Thanks for linking up! :)