Monday, April 25, 2011

Back Online!

I have finally been reunited with my glorious, glorious internet!!

Yesterday was a NIGHTMARE, you guys! Mediacom said someone would be out between 8am and 5pm. You'd think they could at least narrow it down to morning or afternoon, but no. So I got up a little after 7, so that if the repair guy happened to come at 8, I'd at least be wearing pants.

I should mention I've been a little stir crazy from no internet, no TV and no phone for almost 5 days. Does anyone remember what we did before the internet existed? How did we live? I ended up reading a lot and watching almost all of Season 2 of Gilmore Girls on DVD.

Know when it really sucks not to have internet, by the way? (If you answered "always!", you are correct, but I'm trying to make a point here.) When you work online! FIVE DAYS of not being able to do ANY work, earn ANY money. Days off are lovely, but not if they are forced upon you. Plus 8 of my article assignments expired during the no net days, since I couldn't get online to extend them. Uggh!

Anyway, I got up early yesterday, dreaming of being reunited with my online life and watching the episode of Glee that I missed thanks to no cable ASAP. I got my usual morning can of Starbucks DoubleShot, sat around, read for a while, etc. By around 10 I was really bored and antsy, so I thought I'd go to the library for a while to kill time. Of course, at 9:59 am (the library opens at 10), it started POURING rain. My windshield wipers are broken, and I had to inch home from the library at about 2 miles an hour when it started storming while I was there a few days ago, so I wasn't about to risk it. So I sat around even more, waiting for SOMETHING to happen. I called Mediacom to confirm that someone WOULD be out today, because if there was going to be some kind of delay, I needed to make some other plans, extend some of my work assignments, and spend some time catching up on e-mails at the library. I called, they said yes, of course, someone will be there before 5. WHEW. There's no way I could stand another ady! Finally around noon the weather cleared, so I left mom on repair guy watch duty, and went to return the 2 books I'd read in the past 2 days.

When I got back, my mom left to go do whatever it is she does. My apartment is downstairs, which means that I can't hear someone knock at the door if I'm down there. Not wanting to miss the repair guy, I grabbed my book and a book of crossword puzzles and set up camp in the upstairs living room. Three. Hours. Passed. Nothing happened. My mom came back around 4, which at least meant that I could go back to my own apartment to wait.

5 pm came, and still no repair guy. Around 5:15, we called called Mediacom, to see what was up. They put us on hold to contact the dispatcher, and we got cut off. Called back. They said they'd try to find out and call us back, since I informed them my cell phone is a pay by the minute plan (OMG, I'm so poor.) and they were costing me a ton of money. They finally called back around 5:30 and said their on call guy would be out sometime that evening.

I was not a happy camper.

If you give me a NINE HOUR WINDOW of 8-5, which means that someone has to sit around the house during that time to make sure the guy gets let into the house, couldn't you at least show up during the NINE HOURS you specify? Plus, if it takes FIVE days after my service goes out to get a repair guy out here, it may be time to hire more repair guys. Just sayin'. (And yes, I told them that I work online when I first called Saturday night, and that I was losing hundreds of dollars. They didn't care.)

After a slight nervous breakdown, I curled up in front of my desktop to work on some reviews I needed to write (at least MS Office still works!). The repair guy finally showed up around 7:15, but took over half an hour getting the internet to work. At one point I had to point out that he may be having problems because the modem wasn't PLUGGED IN. I know he was incredibly exhausted from the crazy week, but dude.

I guess years of working for Disney have done this to me, but I expect good customer service. We got anything but. The repair guy FINALLY got the internet working around 7:45, but couldn't get the router to work, and suggested it may have been effected by the lightning. I spent about 5 minutes on it after he left, and got it to work fine. Bleh. I was so worn out from the stress of the day that I ended up falling asleep at 9:30!

But, the good news after all of this is that I actually have internet again! And TV! And a phone! I can blog and check the weather for impending doom and play on Pinterest and all sorts of things! I am terribly happy about that. But Mediacom can still bite me.

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pretending to sleep said...

Thank you for getting me hooked on Pinterest. This comment is both thankful and a little sarcastic since I can't stop looking at things on Pinterest!!! :)