Friday, April 01, 2011

Chrysler Financial blooooows.

So, dudes. I didn't have enough $ for my (almost $400) car payment this month, so I sent in what I had, which was about $50 short. My payment is only 2 weeks late, but for the past week, Chrysler has been calling me 20+ times A DAY. How is that not harassment? I've told them I'll send the rest ASAP, but they still call, and call, and call.

I did the math- 20 calls times 7 days = 140 calls. For $50. If you divided what I owe between all of those calls, I could pay each person that called 36 cents and be all set.

How is that a good use of their employees time? Even if each call only takes a minute (since I'm obviously ignoring them now), that's over 2 hours of calling. Say their collection people make $10/hr (I have no idea what they actually make), that's $20 they've paid out, trying to collect $50. The same $50 I've *already told them I will pay soon*.

So basically, Chrysler Financial is obviously run by crackheads, and you should probably never finance an auto loan through them. You would probably be better off working with *actual* crackheads.

Rant over!

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C said...

That's a hassle. I hate collectors. Clearly calling repeatedly will enable you to remove the money you owe them from your ass... RIGHT THEN!