Friday, April 22, 2011

Google leaves me confused

I'm always getting awesome stuff in the mail, so days on which it doesn't come make me sad. Last night, I was wondering if the mail even runs on Good Friday, so I went to Google to find out.

(Embarassing fact: I was especially concerned because I bought Starbucks coupons on eBay and wondered if they'd get here in time for my planned grocery shopping today. Is buying coupons on eBay even legal? Should I not be admitting this? I have now added the fear of becoming one of those extreme couponers to my worries, since I am already set to be a crazy cat lady. But this was several coupons, each for $1 off a 4-pack of Doubleshots, which are like $6 each so... no matter how much I try to justify it, I am still a girl who just bought coupons on eBay.)

Anycrazycouponlady, I started to google "Is mail delivered on Good Friday?", but as soon as I got "is" typed, Google did that suggestion thing it likes to do, which always ends up amusing. Here's what popped up for "Is":

Pretty awesome. But when I added "Is ma" (as in "mail"), I noticed some trends:

a) People are seriously concerned about moonshine, contagious diseases and which celebrities are and are not gay.

b) I kind of want to Google "Is magic real?" to see what comes up.

But dude, SO MANY "is whoever gay?" searches. What makes us so curious about this? I mean, say you have a big ol crush on Matthew Morrison, Matthew Perry and Matt Damon. No matter what your orientation, what are the chances you will really find yourself in a situation where you really need to know which way they swing? Just pretend they like whatever you are, and enjoy. Should you ever actually find yourself trapped in an elevator with all 3, the magic will either happen or it won't.

Now if you'll excuse me, Darren Criss is about to be on the Ellen Show, and I need to prepare for when I am eventually trapped in an elevator with him and Mark Salling.

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