Monday, April 04, 2011

List vs. List

Every few days, either Katie or I will remark "Hey! When I/You get back to Orlando, we should totally...(blah blah blah, insert activity here.) We realized that sadly, we don't remember 99.3% of the brilliant ideas we come up with, though, so we really either need to a) hire an assistant or b) start keeping a list.

THEN we decided that as an amusing psychological experiment, we should each write a list of 10 things we want to do when I'm back in Floridatown, blog it, and see how they compare and contrast. Katie has posted her list here, and here is mine:

"Stuff and Things that KT and I are totally gonna do as soon as I get back to Orlando"

*Go straight to our favorite hanging out bar (I could tell you where it is, but then I'd have to kill you), order overpriced drinks, talk about life.

*Go back to that Mexican restaurant at Pointe Orlando where we stuffed ourselves with unholy amounts of food last year and Katie got booze in a cup shaped like a curvaceous woman.

*Graze inflatable sheep in downtown Orlando.

*Harry Potter World at Universal! (If she goes without me, I will disown her.)

*Consume tea and scones at the Garden View Tea Room until we reach a massive sugar high, then wander around the swanky Grand Floridian taking pictures like this:

*Go to Epcot to drink Grand Marnier slushies and ride the Maelstrom, quoting the entire ride. Afterwards, Katie will say my Norwegian accent sounds like the Swedish Chef. Bork bork bork.

*Obtain a fishbowl. Obtain a small plastic manatee. Combine the two. Stick it somewhere in my house. As often as possible, nod to it and exclaim "Fuck yeah, tiny manatee!"

*Also at Epcot, head to the Living Seas (ignore the name change, it will always be Living Seas.) and sit by the dolphin tank. Come up with incredibly complex theories about the interpersonal (interdolphinal?) relationships of the dolphins, comparing them to people we know.

*Find somewhere comfy. Sit there. Stay several hours. Write epic poems (or possibly complex mathematical equations) on bar napkins. Possibly build a pillow fort.

*Visit the Fantasia Mini Golf Course. Recreate the awesome non-golfing experience we had at the Winter Summerland course. (There was an hour's wait for a tee time. Yes, at a MINI golf course. So we just walked out onto the course sans clubs and took photos for about an hour.)

This pic didn't really turn out, and illustrates Katie's awesome photographer skills, but at least my boobs look AWESOME.

"I'm not sure I was sleazy enough", Katie remarked after this picture.

Ok, now I am all excited to go read Katie's list!

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