Monday, April 11, 2011

More Dress Dreaming

So, I'm still looking at dresses. Big surprise! I am kind of loving this one by Prada right now:

How cute are the bows? I love that it is feminine, with the sort of sweetheart neckline and the ruffle at the bottom, but not toooo girly sweet, it is still a little sassy. I would LOVE to pair this with cute hoisery, maybe something with black polka dots? Something fun. Or thigh highs with a back seam would be insanely hot paired with this!

Now obviously, if you have a Parada dress, you have to do Prada shoes. Or at least you do if you're dream shopping online! I would be sooooo tempted to go with the whole bow theme and pair that dress with these:

Can you imagine? It makes me do a very girly squee sound in my head when I think about it. However:

BEST SHOES EVER? I love the red & black! I love that they would add color to the dress AND keep the bow thing going, plus being GENERALLY AWESOME.

What kind of shoes/accessories would you do with a little black dress?


Katie said...

I want the red shoes!

C... said...

That dress and the shoes with red would be perfect paired together. Oh to be rich.

Jen said...

That dress is just fabulous! I love both pairs of shoes, but I think the red ones are my favorite!

Great choices!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Good luck! :)

Naima said...

AH! I hate you for showing me cute wedges. I love wedges. I hate you. Wedges love. You not so much...jk.

Thomasina said...

The red shoes are so cute! I prefer flats or wedges, so I would give the dress a pop of color with bold accessories.