Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something new to play with!

It has been another online shopping (well, window shopping. Windows XP shopping?) kind of day, and I actually found a site I haven't used before, You can search for something specific like Michael Kors Jacket, and it pulls up a whole big list of them from different online shops. Kinda snazzy!

You can also browse by category. Like if I search for "sundress", it gives me the option to narrow it down by size, style (sleeveless, empire waist, etc.), color, material, brand, etc. Looking at purses, when I saw the category called backpack purse, I instantly pictured those tiny backpacks that were popular in the mid 90s, but they actually have some really cute styles like this:

I'd probably get tangled up in all of those straps, but something like that could be handy for when I'm out in the parks.

The first thing I obviously do on a new site is shoe shop. I found everything from brands I know well like Betsey Johnson, Crocs and Alexander McQueen to ones I've never heard of like Totes boots, Quark and Fly Flot. (That last one is just fun to say! ) The most awesome thing I found was this pair of Alexander McQueen pumps:

I'm usually more into McQueen's more fantastical footwear, but these are both wearable and amaazing!

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Thomasina said...

I'm loving those pumps. Super cute!

Alicia K said...

I want those shoes, even though I don't think I'd get more than 10 steps before my trouble-making left big toe started giving me shit about it.