Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Target Tuesday #6

This week's Target Tuesday is going to be kind of short and sweet, since I'm still getting over being sick, and totally behind on everything! Also, allergies are evil and make me want to hide from the world all day. The 3 items I DO have are total winners, though!

Merona Floral Wallet- $14.99
This if from the new Americana collection. I think I kind of love it.

Product Image Kitty City Tower

Kitty City Tower- $27.97
OMG, you guys. I've been in the market for a new scratching post, since ours looks like a pack of wild lions, tigers and bears ripped it to shreds. I love that this combines a post with BonoCat's favorite thing in the world, a small box to sleep in, and Cricket's favorite thing, a tall thing to sit on and look down upon people from.

Mosaic Peacock Garden Statue

I need this in my life. It is out of stock, so I have no idea how much it is, but I kind of don't care. My next apartment obviously won't have a garden, but I think I could totally stick this guy on my balcony, don't you?

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Katelin said...

if i had a yard i would totally get that peacock, it's too funny looking.

tara said...

that wallet is so cute! glad you linked up! :)

Jessica Renee said...

Oh i love that wallet and the peacock!! :)

Shelley said...

Great wallet choice!