Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wanted: Traditions Dress

I'm a planner. You probably already know this.

I've been in planning mode for moving back to FL, even though it will probably be at least 6 months, maybe up to a year before I actually can. I think that I have it in my head that if I am super-duper prepared, things pretty much have to go my way this time. I guess in a way that's kind of true- just knowing what to expect and actually being prepared have to go a long way.

Anyway, I'm all about the details, and for the last couple of days, I've been thinking about clothes to wear for Traditions (the first orientation class when you're hired by the Mouse) and other training classes. The dress code for all of that is "business casual", which means I always ended up showing up in ill-fitting black pants that I had to safety pin at the waist somewhere because they were too big, and whichever nice-looking shirt from my closet showed the least cleavage.

This time, I want to feel awesome and be all "Hellz yeah, business casual!" It seems like such a simple, fun, nice way to start things off right. So I've been venturing into those "Wear to work!" sections of clothes websites, which I've never actually paid attention to, since most jobs I've ever had have either a) allowed me to wear jeans or b) supplied the outfit. (Note to self- make sure next Disney job has an awesome costume! Or an incredibly rediculous one that makes me laugh every time I have to put it on. We actually used to browse the costume section of the Hub at work for the most absurd costumes on boring days-- there are some doozies!)

Here's my favorite dress that I've found so far:

Framed Haiku Print Dress -

It has sleeves, is a decent length for class, doesn't show too much boobage, isn't crazy, but isn't boring. I want something with color, not just black and blah. Plus it is less than $40!

I also found this dress:
Crossover V Neck Striped Stretch Dress -
...which I'm kind of obsessed with, but I don't think I can do sleeveless for classes. Boo!

I also need shoes, obviously. I can get away with heels for the classes that just involve sitting, but a lot of them involve going out and walking around the park or location, so you need comfy. I'm actually thinking about these flats that are made by Crocs:

They aren't super cute, but I bet they would be comfy! You can't wear open toed shoes, so that rules out 99% of what I have.

These are made by Crocs, too, and are a bit cuter, but possibly not as comfy!

Any suggestions of where to look for cute work-ish dresses? (Knee length, with sleeves, not too much boobage?)

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C said...

Love it all! I think that the first crocs flats ARE super cute. But I'm a huge fan of understated shoes.