Sunday, April 03, 2011

Who is this mysterious Warbler?

I now have a 3rd favorite member of the Warblers, you guys. I was watching their version of Raise Your Glass for the eleventy billionth time, and noticed that dude next to Blaine SO totally getting down with his bad self. I plan to keep an eye on him from here on out, because he is obviously full of awesome. (I deserve bonus points for that AWESOME screen shot of Blaine, btw.) I also found this screencap on the ol' Internets:


Work it, Warblers! (I also found a Tumblr of Awful Blaine Caps)

Check out my new Warbler in action here, 1 minute 38 seconds in.

(Blaine at 1:24 is the other best part of this, obviously.)

I am totally developing a Darren Criss crush, by the way. I mean, check the sunglasses:


Plus, were I to marry him, my name would totally be Crystal Criss.

Admittedly, my crush was partly fueled by this:


It makes me wish Chris and Darren had their own news show. I'd so watch that.

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tara said...

LOL. this was hilarious! i seriously LOVE darren criss.