Monday, May 16, 2011


One of the things I've been doing to combat my awful mood the past few days is listening to the Warblers CD pretty much on repeat, because it is hard not to smile at least a little bit when Darren Criss is singing Soul Sister or Raise Your Glass. A few TOO many listens got me pondering just why he is so awesome, and I realized it is exactly what the picture above points out- the dude is totally himself, and as a result, awesome.

I think at some point when we were kids, almost all of us got mocked or made fun of for some aspect of who we are or something we liked. Whether it was wearing clothes that weren't "cool", listening to music that wasn't what everyone else liked, or liking a certain toy or tv show past the "appropriate" age, at some point, almost all of us picked up the habit of hiding some of the things we love. Thus the whole concept of "guilty pleasure". But if you really think about it, why on earth should you feel guilty about something that makes you happy?

Some of us regain that confidence lost during those middle school/junior high years when all you want is to blend in and almost everything is SUPER embarrassing. (ZOMG, you were just seen with your parents? In public? End of world!) But how many people really make it to adulthood with our ability to wear what we want, like what we like, BE who we ARE, and be comfortable showing the world?

Let's go back to my Darren example, partly because he's what inspired this, and mostly just because I like looking at him.

I couldn't find my favorite version of this image, which includes the caption "And not a single fuck was given that day." This one works, though. Pink Wayfarers FTW!

Multicolored nail polish? Check.

And to seal the deal:

This is from a few years ago, obviously pre-Glee. But how do you not love a dude that takes the time to redo an arrangement of Belle, learn to play it, and YouTubes it?

How many men in their mid-20s would admit to knowing the lyrics to Disney songs, let alone perform them?

There's a word for that.


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tara said...

I love Darren Criss! I have been listening to the warblers album non-stop! Teenage dream is still my fave!