Monday, May 16, 2011

EdenFantasys: Getting The Most From Your Order

One of my good friends recently put in her first order from EdenFantasys, and since I blog about them fairly often, she IM'd me with a lot of questions, hoping for suggestions and advice. I figure that if she had questions, others may too, so this is my handy dandy guide to make ordering easy!

*Take advantage of the free gifts! At the top of the homepage, you will see a "Free gift with any order!" button. CLICK IT! I've seen the free gifts range from kind of meh to really awesome, but dude, it is FREE, so why not take advantage? Once you're on the free gift page, you usually just have to click a link or button to add the item to your cart, and the price is automatically deducted, but double check the directions just to be safe, as things do change from time to time. The free gift changes as things run out of stock, but generally around once a week.

*Want a 2nd free gift? There is almost always another gift for people who are fans of EdenFantasys on Facebook, and yes, you can get BOTH with your order. Look for the button on the right side of the homepage that says Eden Friends. Clicking on this will show you any gifts that are available, and talk you through adding them to your cart.

*Take advantage of free shipping. Orders over $59 ship for free, so if you are planning to spend at least $50 anyway, why on earth wouldn't you bump it up and avoid paying the $5.95 for shipping? Put those $6 towards something tangible instead of just shipping cost!

*Use your points! You earn EdenPoints for everything you do on the site, from searching to putting things on your wishlist to rating reviews. These can add up fast, but even if you only have $1 worth, you might as well convert them to a gift card and apply it to your order! This can be done by clicking "account" on the top left of any page, selecting "EdenPoints Program" (This also offers a breakdown of all of the ways you can earn points) and then selecting "Convert to gift card". This will generate a code you can enter at checkout to save yourself some cash!

*Check the promotions! Towards the top right of any page, you'll see a button that says "Promotions". Clicking this will drop down a menu that shows you all of the snazzy promotions going on, which usually include sales on a certain type or brand of product, and deals where you get a free gift with purchase or buy one get one type of deal.

*Sign up for alerts. You can set e-mail alerts that tell you when items you have your eye on go on sale. You can also set your preferences to receive e-mail about ANY promo that comes up. For instance, today I got an e-mail that now through the 19th, you can get 20% off of everything by entering the code "sexymood" at checkout. Score!

This list just scratches the surface, really, but it is already pretty long, so I may do a follow-up with more tips next time if there is interest. My friend was pretty impressed when my ninja EF shopping skills got her like $100 worth of stuff for about $60, but you can easily save even more if you don't mind putting in some work!

Have questions? Just ask!

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