Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Favorite Models

I posted a while back about how much I adore Abbey Lee Kershaw, so I thought I'd do a post with a few of my other favorite models!

Lara Stone:
Lara Stone is my #1 favorite, which I know is kind of cliche since she is so freakishly popular right now. She kind of straddles the line between traditional and quirky beauty.

I actually like her print work a lot more than her runway.
Where you may know her from:

Lily Cole:
She has such a unique, distinctive look. Her face takes crazy makeup incredibly well. Also, redheads FTW!

Lily Donaldson:
A totally different Lily! If I was horribly disfigured and had to have a face transplant and could totally pick what I looked like, I'd probably take her face.

Gemma Ward:
She's one of those rare people that actually looks better with a naked face than heavy make-up. She's not creepy skinny. She reminds me vaguely of Amanda Seyfreid.

Karlie Kloss:
I think she might be my 2nd fav right now, it is hard to pick!
I love this candid backstage moment!
Totally the dress Anne Hathaway later wore!

Oh, PS, she was born in 1992. Feel elderly yet? I do.

There are several more I was going to add, but this is already super long!
Do you have favorite models too, or just favorite designers?

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Thomasina said...

I don't have any favorite models, but I do have favorite designers like Michael Kors, Donna Karan, YSL, and Louis Vuitton.