Friday, May 20, 2011

I like stuff.

Do you like stuff? I totally like stuff and the acquiring thereof! I thought I'd share some of the snazzy stuff that's come into my life lately!

I won this ring in a giveaway at Spiffy Stuff! It's kind of hard to see the dragonflies in the design, but there are 2. I'm obsessed w/ dragonflies, so this made me happy! (It's from the Etsy shop Dragonpop.)

This 2nd ring I got on eBay! I actually kind of broke my "never pay more than $1 for stuff" rule, because I was dumb and didn't notice the shipping on this was $3, so it cost me a total of $3.99. Still totally worth it!

It has the weirdest band I've ever seen, almost like a watch band.


Continuing the cheap jewelry theme, I got this necklace for 30 cents, including free shipping.

It's a little gaudy in a "Heart of the Ocean" way, but I like that about it. And that green tank top is one of 7 items (7!) I got with the $50 gift certificate to Rock Bottom T-Shirts that I won from Mom-Blog. They seem to be a cool company, they even posted a pic of the hoodie I was ordering in the color I asked about on their FB wall since it wasn't on the site.

These earrings were also an eBay purchase:

94 cents with free shipping, woot woot! I also got 2 other similar dangly pairs, and some cute turquoise beaded ones that were 11 cents. I pretty much win at life.

And then shoes...

I got these awesome pumps from a giveaway on Momma Told Me. I am pretty sure I was supposed to get red shoes, but they sent black, and I'm pretty ok with that. I liked the idea of red because I'd probably never buy them myself (these are $130 shoes, dude), but I can wear the black with almost everything, so it's win-win. My favorite part is the bottom...

I love the little jewel!

I also won these Sanuk flip-flops from Born 2 Impress!

My feet are nowhere near as giant and hobbity as they look in this pic, I promise. I am super in love with these flip-flops, they are SO SO comfy! Now I just need to win another giveaway and get the giraffe design, too!

I also won the most amazeballs box of Oliver Kita truffels from Heavenly Savings!

They're each like a little work of art! And SO tasty!

I also recently won a $10 Overstock gift certificate from Eighty MPH Mom, and I can't wait to get it so I can buy these:

Women's 200 Pink/Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses

Super excited!

Have you gotten anything snazzy lately?

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Sarah T. said...

I'm so happy you like your ring! :)