Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Target Tuesday #11

I totally missed Target Tuesday last week because I was busy actually being at Target. Oops! I finally got new jeans (my old ones were literally falling off), some cherry snow cone syrup (summer must-have!) and some pink grapefruit Method hand soap to replace what I had to leave behind in FL when I moved. They even had a sale on the bottled Frappuccinos where you got a $5 Target gift card if you bought two 4-packs, which are just over $5 each, so it was like FREE COFFEE, which is basically the best thing ever! Successful outing!

Anycoffee, today's Target Tuesday is all about animal prints!

I love these! Plus you get 4, so I'll still have 2 left after I break one and the cats break one!

I only wish it had arms. I'm not discriminating against limbless chairs, I'm just sayin'.

I rarely wear ballet flats because, you know, heels FTW, but these are super cute!

And of course, a total must-have...

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David and Elizabeth said...

love the flats!

star said...

I love both of those chairs! I wonder if they come in other colors or prints other than zebra? Have a great day!

Jessica Renee said...

Cute stuff! :)

I bought those flats last year and am OBSESSED with them! They're so comfy too!

tara said...

Those martini glasses are so cute! Love 'em!