Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Target Tuesday #9: Summer Essentials

Yesterday was gorgeous, in the sunny, 86 degrees, sit outside and paint my toenails tangerine, have a momentary freakout that my legs are too pale for shorts way. As a result, my brain is totally obsessed with summer, so that's the theme of this week's Target Tuesday!

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I already have a snow cone maker that I love dearly, but I love the old-fashioned design of this one! Snow cones are 100% essential for summer. I could live off of them! Banana and cherry are the best.

Shooooooes! I know these wouldn't match that much in my wardrobe, but wedges just seem like a summer must-have, and brightly colored ones even more so. I could go with their tamer neutral colored cousins, but that just wouldn't be as fun.

There is an 87% chance I am going to spend the $12 on one of these and then spend the rest of the summer trying to stuff myself into it. I mean, how FUN does that look?? (BTW, if you want to be instantly super depressed about your childhood, check out all of the kiddie pools and slides and playgrounds Target has. Where was all of that stuff when we were kids? We had the sprinkler, dudes.)

Okay, since I probably can't fit myself in the awesome pufferfish pool, I may legitimately spend the $30 on one like this. Being stuck in Missouri for the summer blows in that people don't have pools here. In Florida, if you don't have a pool, you're one of very few, and others feel very sorry for you. Even the crappiest of apartment complexes where drug busts go down nightly have pools. Being used to that makes Missouri feel like a third world country. I need my pool, even if it is only a foot deep. Plus, ya know, built-in cup holder. Adds class.

I'm like 10 lbs away from being bikini ready, but the hardest part of shopping is finding one that will support my boobage. That's a WHOLE other rant, but this is kinda cute. And oddly, would probably look much better on my curvy frame than this particular model's.

I love that this is NINE DOLLARS for both the towel and the tote bag! So cute! My actual beach towel is pretty similar, but is super awesome in that it has a built-in pocket for keeping all your stuff in while you frolic in the waves or flirt with lifeguards.

And finally, I'm posting this towel because it asked so nicely.

Humble apologies if images are kinda funky this week, I had to upload them to picsa instead of my own site because I am unbelievably lame and don't have the $5 to pay my hosting bill, so my account is suspended. Yes, I am that lame. Additionally, if you are trying to contact me on my lovemanythings.net email address, I can't access it for the same reason. #Winning.


tara said...

Lol that blog beach towel is too cute! Love it!

Jennifer B said...

The beach towel makes me laugh! And I love the snow cone maker!!!! I can see myself making a Bacardi Razz and Sprite cone. Target really does have everything.

Casey said...

Hopping over from TT.

Love the snow cone maker, and how hilarious is that towel!!

Thomasina said...

I love the puffer fish pool, and luckily I have a four-year-old son who would love it too!