Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Travel Tips

I have spent such an ABSURD amount of time looking at airfare lately, so I thought I'd share a little of my hard-earned travel wisdom with you guys! (Using the word "wisdom" is probably going to come back and bite me when I get stuck at a ski resort and have to work there for the next year before I can afford to come home, but we'll come back to that.)

The reason I've put SO much effort into finding an airfare plan that actually works is that if you search for a flight from where I live to Montreal right now, it comes up $1225. For less than half of that, I'm going to Montreal AND Toronto. (YES, I decided to add on a 3rd show! I AM SO EXCITE.)

So here is tip #1- Search EVERYTHING. This can take a while, but as you can tell from the numbers, it can be SO worth it. Instead of booking one flight, I broke it up into segments and booked those as I could afford to. I'm flying from here to Chicago, spending the night, flying from there to Toronto where I have a 3 hour layover, then to Mont Tremblant which is a middle of nowhere airport near a ski resort in Quebec, and from there to Montreal. (The day after the 2nd Montreal show, we're all taking a train to Toronto, and then I'm flying home from Niagara Falls/Buffalo, with an overnight in Chicago again.)

The funny thing is that when I searched for a flight from Chicago to Montreal, it was around $400. But when I searched on the SAME airport's website for a flight from Chicago to Mont Tremblant, and then a separate one from there to Montreal, it came to a grand total of $233 for both flights. The only way I stumbled upon this was by checking prices one by one for EVERY airport that the little airline flies to, which is admittedly only about 10, but still took some time. When I found the super cheap Chicago to Mont Tremblant fare, I searched to see if there was a flight from Mont Tremblant on to Montreal, and there was- one hour from when I land and $71. SCOOORE.

I was a little freaked out about flying into a place I've never even heard of in a part of the country where my grasp on the language dates back to a few years of high school French. I was also kind of worried that I'd be the only one on the flights or something, and they would be canceled. That brings us to tip #2! When you're shopping around and are narrowing it down to a few options, continue as if you're going to book the flight until you get to the section where you get to pick your seats. (Unless you have to pay first and then pick seats, obviously.) For most airlines, that will let you pull up a little map of the plane to see a) if you're flying on a tiny puddle jumper or a jumbo jet and b) how full your flight is going to be. My flights to the airport I'm lovingly calling Mont Middle of Nowhere (Although "Mont Tremblant" is a pretty kickass name- it means "trembling mountain".) each have about 25 people on them, on planes that seat around 70-80. That means a) they probably won't cancel my flights due to lack of people and b) I GET A WHOLE ROW TO MYSELF, WOOT.

Tip #3 applies to more than just flights, you can use it for hotels, car rentals, pretty much anything, and that is to check for promo codes or coupons. There are sites like Retail Me Not where you can just type in what you want a discount for, and it pulls up a list of available discounts and codes. These are admittedly kind of hit and miss, since they're user-posted, but it's how I found the code that got me 30% off two of my flights.

Tip #4- You can sometimes save a LOT by flying into an airport a short distance from your actual destination. For instance, flights into Plattsburgh, New York are generally at least a few hundred dollars cheaper than flights to Montreal. Once you arrive in Plattsburgh, you can take a bus to Montreal that takes an hour and costs $20. I ended up finding something cheaper than this option, but I'll generally give up an hour to save $200 any time!

You really do have to weigh cost vs convenience on that kind of thing, though. For instance, flying into Burlington, VT is usually even cheaper than flying into Plattsburgh, but instead of an hour bus ride it's a 2.5 hour one. (and $30 instead of $20) While I'm more than willing to spend an hour on a bus to save $200, I'd be way more hesitant about spending two and a half hours on a bus.

And finally, Tip #5- When you're comparing prices, factor in every detail. For instance, if you're looking for a hotel near the airport, and Hotel A is $50 and Hotel B is $55, and they're both boring chain hotels that are going to be pretty much the same, you're probably going to pick the $50 one. However, if Hotel B offers a free shuttle to the airport that saves you a $15 taxi fare, it's obviously the better deal. Flights are similar- if Airline A is $20 cheaper than Airline B, make sure Airline A doesn't charge $40 per checked bag.

Oh wait! The ever-important Tip #6! Pack a lightweight zippered tote bag or something similar. If you end up buying too much stuff on vacation, or if your stuff just ends up doing that magical thing where even though it is exactly what you brought with you, it now will totally not all fit back in your suitcase, you have something extra to bring things home in. On a similar note, packing a couple of bottles of water (in zip-lock bags, to be safe) or a small amount of snacks can not only save you from spending the higher fees for that kind of thing at a tourist destination, but can come in handy if you arrive at your hotel late at night when all of the restaurants are already closed! Plus, you then have the empty space where the food or water was as extra room for your trip home.

Any other tips to share?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Target Tuesday #15

I've been doing freelance writing work for 18 hours straight (o hai, 6am!) to come up with $ for my trip airfare (OMG STRESS) so for this week's Target Tuesday, I am simply leaving you with this:

Product Image Inflatable Moose Head

Be sure to check out my blog sale below!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Dead!

Sorry for being totally absent from the blog this week! I've been working about 20 hrs/day, sleeping 3 hrs/night all week to come up with $ for my U2 trip. I can't believe it's in TWO weeks! And that I still don't have $ for airfare! And while I'm working around the clock, airfare just keeps getting more expensive. ARRGH!

I did have an awesome break from it today- the ginormous Glastonbury music festival is going on, and U2 was the headlining act. There was a live video feed, and it was AWESOME. We get live audio fairly often, thanks to people who take their cell phones to the show and stream the audio online, but half the time the sound is REALLY awful. To get seriously high-quality live video was AMAZING. I had some friends in the FRONT ROW, so it was fun to try to spot them (no luck.) Plus, it was a REALLY good show, they broke out a few songs that were totally unexpected.

And being the total nerd that I am, the second the first notes of "Where the Streets Have No Name" started, I started crying. Not misty-eyed, but big, ugly, sobby cry.

This was one of my other favorites:


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Target Tuesday #14

Happy first day of Summer, everyone! I'm planning a nice 30 min or so break from working soon to just go lay out in my back yard and get some SUN! It's also that day between Monday and Wednesday, which makes it...

Because I am totally have a one track mind, this week's Target Tuesday is yet again themed to my upcoming Montreal trip! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED YOU GUYS. In less than 3 weeks, I'm going to be standing under this:

See those 40,000 people down on the field? See the 2,000 inside the little circle? See the like, maybe 100 right up by the stage? I'll be getting in line before 5 AM the day of the first show to be one of THOSE people. And then after the show, I'll be camping out to do it again the next day. BRING IT.

So here's my Target wishlist of trip essentials!

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Seagrass Cowboy Hat With Cord Trim - Tan
I need a hat to protect my delicate little freckled head from the sun! Also excellent for sticking over your face for a nap so your friends don't end up with awesome photos of you drooling in their FB photos. Also handy for PopMart era Edge impressions. (Hey, I wonder if Target carries fake mustaches?)

Product Image Travel by Design Apothecary Travel Bottles 4-pk. - 2.4 oz.
There's something about smooshing all your bath products into tiny little bottles before a trip that makes me giddy!

Product Image Pearl Series French Classic Pool Lounger
I'm totally considering getting something like this to lounge around on in line! So much better than sitting on the hard ground all day!

Product Image Frommer's Montreal Day by Day (Mixed media product)

No explanation needed, I'm sure. Although sadly, I'll really only have a few hours to see the city!

Product Image Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Spider-Man Bandages - 20 Count
In honor of Bono & Edge's Spiderman musical, I should totally rock one of these as a temporary tattoo.

Product Image Women's Mossimo® Pari Strappy Sandals - Black

Product Image Women's Mossimo® Peita Flat Thong Sandals - Black
I have a super cute black, kind of dressy shirt that I'm planning to wear the 2nd night, and I have NO IDEA what kind of shoes to wear with it! I normally wear heels, but dude, that SO isn't going to work for a big outdoor concert. It's a little too fancy for flip-flops, though. Between those two things, 90% of my shoe collection is eliminated. Maybe something like these pairs of sandals? They don't look super comfy for 2 hours of dancing around, but at least they'd be less likely to fall off than flip flops would. And really, all I have to do the next day is get on a plane, so I guess it's no big deal if my feet are still numb?

Product Image License Juniors Betty White Golden Betty Tee - White

I have zero actual reason for including this shirt on this list other than it is A FREAKING BETTY WHITE T-SHIRT, YOU GUYS. That is all.

Here are 3 random things happening on this trip that I am super excited about other than seeing U2:
1) Trying Tim Horton's. My Canadian friends claim that I will like it more than Starbucks, I am skeptical. International coffee taste testing- it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!
2) Visiting a Wal-Mart where the employees all speak French instead of Spanish. Being a Florida girl, this screws with my head and fascinates me.
3) Saying "Eh?" at least once. It's CANADA, dude. I have to.

I really am all about the simple pleasures!

By the way, if you would like to help fund my trip (I'm still a couple hundred short of airfare, and am only freaking out about this in a manner that resembles a large crowd of Japanese people in a Godzilla movie... it looks like this: ) I'm still selling ads in the sidebar and posts about your blog for super cheap! You can also just randomly send me a dollar or two via PayPal. (I will literally get super excited about $2 at this point, and probably write a song about you or build a statue or something. You know what, let's do that! Donate $2 or more and I will totally write a haiku or something about you. Or draw you a pretty pretty picture and post it here. Or something.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

1000 Things That Make Me Happy: Part 4

Holy cow writing a list of 1000 things takes a long time! You can catch up on part 1, part 2 and part 3 via those lovely links. At this rate, I'll probably finish around 2014!

301. Any time Darren Criss (Blaine on Glee) gets to sing a line about being gangsta'.
302. Smelling like chocolate and raspberries after I take a bubble bath.
303. An easy to remember lock combination
304. A hotel room with an awesome view
305. When it is the exact perfect temperature outside
306. The sound of bamboo rustling in the wind
307. Songs in Swahili
308. Cooking experiments
309. Method pink grapefruit hand soap- smells sooooo good!

The "I miss Disney" section:
310. The Yeti on Expedition Everest
311. When they blow out the torches at the beginning of Illuminations
312. The white-out of fireworks at the end of Illuminations
313. The starry part of Tower of Terror
314. Zebra domes that you've stuck in the freezer for a few hours. OMG NOM.
315. Having an amusing cast bus driver after a long day of work at MK.
316. Flying over London on the Peter Pan ride at Magic Kingdom
317. How food shaped like Mickey's head just tastes better.
318. The smell of apple pie during Be Our Guest at Philharmagic.
319. The wooooosh as cars go by overhead when you stand outside Test Track.
320. Ordering custom yummy things at Goofy's Candy Company
321. The teeny tiny fish that swim around your feet in the shallow water at Castaway Cay
322. The calypso version of Under the Sea on the trams at Castaway Cay
323. The sound of the Disney Cruise Line ship horns
324. The key under the mat at Muppet Vision 3D
325. The lights in the pavement at Epcot
326. Drifting around the lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach
327. All of the backstories made up for the Haunted Mansion
328. Perimeter fireworks on special occasions at Magic Kingdom
329. The mosaic inside of Cinderella Castle
330.The "foot massage" from riding the little inclined moving sidewalk up to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

331. T-shirts that have the washing instructions printed inside instead of a tag. So much comfier!
332. Pinterest
333. Having a special notepad just for grocery lists.
334. Engrish
335.These cookies:

336. Adding cherry snow cone syrup to things that were never intended to meet it.
337. When someone randomly does something REALLY nice and brightens your otherwise awful day.
338. Getting freakishly cheap jewelry on eBay. My best buy so far was a pair of earrings for 11 cents with free shipping, but I've gotten some amazing stuff for around 60 cents, too. SCORE.

339. Really, really absurd jewelry. This? Oh, it's just a crystal-covered lobster bracelet. You can choose from dozens of colors on ebay. There are also rings. I am serious.

340. When you finally get your back or neck to pop, and it is incredibly satisfying.
341. Discovering new yoga poses
342. When a product you already love introduces a new flavor/color.
343. Having to try on the next smaller size.
344. Reading fashion magazines in the bath tub.
345. Using the really good conditioner.
346. How refreshed dying your hair can make you feel.
347. Sticking my bottle of peach tea in the freezer long enough to make it slushy.
348. Pretty vintage perfume bottles with the little squeeze bulb.
349. Waking up feeling like something wonderful might happen today.
350. Hearing the same song in the grocery store you were just listening to in the car.

351. Jeans with great stitching on the back pockets.
352. Fresh berries.
353. False eyelashes.
354. The smell of my sandalwood bracelet.
355. Experiencing an awesome event with a huge crowd of people.
356. Lightning bugs/Fireflies
357. Mermaids
358. The way U2 is always changing up their setlist and throwing in awesome surprises!
359. When the opening act is surprisingly awesome
360. Holding a hot coffee cup on a cold morning.
361. Altering a shirt to make it fit perfectly.
362. Creative uses for old things

363. Gluing sequins onto things.
364. Red Netflix envelopes in the mail.
365. Super competitive games of mini golf.
366. Wearing ribbons in my hair.
367. Seeing something you worked really hard for finally become reality.
368. That the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disney World is going back to the original version!

369. Grocery shopping at somewhere you don't usually shop, getting all excited about the different products they carry.
370. Colorful clip-in hair highlights
371. Cheesy gift shops near the beach where they sell things made out of shells
372. Ice cubes in non-square shapes
373. Feeling strong when you work out
374. White nail polish topped with glittery nail polish.
375. Singing songs to babies.
376. Cat feet. They're cute.
377. The stray kitty that hangs out near my house FINALLY letting me pet her.
378. Fuji Apple Pear SoBe Lifewater
379. Salted caramel squares from Starbucks
380. Awesome gifts with purchase

381. FB status updates that end up with like 20 comments.
382. Truly surprising plot twists
383. Drawing on the steamed-up shower door with my finger
384. When I buy jewelry on ebay and the seller sends it in a cute jewelry box
385. Having the perfect earrings to go with a shirt
386. When Google suggests awesome searches:

387. Or even awesomer searches:

388. Listening to SBK Live online when I'm not in Orlando to listen on the radio.
389. For some inexplicable reason, this has been making me laugh for almost a week:

390. When my cat Jasper takes care of any spiders that show up in my bedroom.

391. Comics that speak my life

392. My neon pink & blue Wayfarers
393. Talking to the birds in pet shops
394. Funny fish tank decorations
395. Somewhat weathered looking beachfront motels painted in tropical colors
396. The possibility that song might actually be about you.
397. All the little things you do right before vacation- charging up the camera batteries, cleaning off the memory cards, cleaning the house so it will be nice to come home to, etc. They're everyday things, but you do them with such greater joy than usual.
398. Being approached with an awesome job offer.
399. Getting paid well to do something fun.
400. Adding places to my list of things and places to see.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Comfy Summer Loungewear

One thing I think is kind of weird about TV is that they always show people hanging out at home fully dressed, shoes and all. I don't know about you guys, but the second I get home, my shoes are off. Usually my pants, too. I tend to just hang out in a t-shirt and comfy PJ shorts or something in the summer, substituting sweat pants in the winter.

I've actually considered just hanging around the house in scrubs. If doctors and nurses spend all day in them, they have to be pretty comfy, right? Plus, when the UPS guy shows up at the door, at least I'd look like I've just come home from saving lives, instead of always looking like I just rolled out of bed.

Scrubs for Women
Come on, it's a cute look and you know it.

You can get scrub tops and bottoms in like a billion different colors at Sadly, Greys Anatomy fans, there are no salmon colored scrubs like Meredith mocks Addison for wearing, but they do have a Pink Sorbet color that's pretty close, and sounds yummier.

They also carry lab coats and scrubs for kids, which would make for seriously cute and authentic Halloween costumes! (Or come in handy if you have a Doogie Howser on your hands.)

This post is brought to you by Blue Sky Scrubs.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Staying Trency

I'm a big eBay addict, as you may know. About a week ago I picked up a bunch of false eyelashes there for like 15 cents or something ridiculous, and today they arrived. I was super excited to see this on the packaging:

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go read up on the hottest summer trencs!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walgreens Wellness & Giveaways!

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.


I seem to get sick a lot, so I was curious about the new Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products when I heard about them.  I tend to buy a lot of store brands since I'm on a pretty limited budget and they usually work just as well as the pricier name brands. The new Walgreens brand products include everything from first aid supplies to allergy relief to cold medicines to vitamins.  I'm looking forward to trying out their Wal-itin allergy tablets, since allergies are not my friend this time of year!  Their products come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarentee, so I feel safe trying them out without worrying about the cost.

One other cool thing about these products is that each purchase funds the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™, which brings preventive wellness to communities via free health screenings and educational programs.  It's nice to know that some of the money you spend on products you need can go towards a good cause!

There are several blogs doing giveaways for a chance to win one of twenty $50 Walgreens gift cards right now!  Just click the link to check them out, they run until the end of the month. 

Visit Sponsor's Site

Packing My Bags

As I was pondering my packing list for next month's Montreal trip, I realized I needed a sort of medium-sized makeup bag so I could do my makeup for the concert while waiting around in line. I needed something big enough to carry a lot of different products, but small enough that I could then stick it in my purse during the show. For some reason, the Python Print Divine Carry-On from EdenFantasys came to mind. Although this bag is technically intended more for romantic getaways than carrying mascara and lip gloss, it is perfect for my trip! I ordered the pink bag, but it also comes in silver and white.

Python print divine carry-on - Storage container

My bag arrived a couple of days ago, and it is PERFECT for the trip! It measures about 10" long and 4" deep and holds a TON of stuff. I tossed a few random makeup items inside to give you an idea of the size:

The items I have in there take up almost no room, I could still fit probably five or six times that much more in!

Of course, given my huge crush on The Edge and the fact that I'm going to be right in front of his side of the stage, maybe I should leave room for a few other EdenFantasys products in there!

Eden Gives Back - community helping communities

Target Tuesday- Goin' Camping on the Sidewalk!

Today marks just 24 days until my epic trip to Montreal to see U2 play 2 nights in a row! (NOTE! I am still short $ for airfare, so if you are interested in buying an ad in my pretty sidebar or a post about your blog/business/giraffe/I-really-dont-care-at-this-point, contact me via the e-mail in the sidebar!)

The thing about U2 concerts is that if you want to be right up by the stage (and obviously we do, because that's where they keep the Bono) you have to get in line at like 4 AM for the 9 PM concert. Security usually lets you into the stadium around 5 PM, so that means around 13 hours of just sitting outside before that. Two days in a row. I'm flying 1600 miles to sit on a sidewalk with my friends for over 24 hours. And it is going to be AWESOME.

Anyway, in preparation, we've been checking out some cheap camping equipment online to make our sitting around comfier! We might not have time to drop it back by the hotel, and it obviously can't come to the show with us, so we need cheap camping chairs and such that we can basically abandon outside the stadium when it's time for the mad dash for the best spot.

So that's the inspiration for this week's Target Tuesday- Stuff for Sittin on a Sidewalk! (It might be a field, who knows.)

Product Image Kelysus Convertible Canopy Chair - Blue
Is this the modern day equivalent of a royal throne or what? I'd feel like a total boss chillin' in this. Cupholder, man, cupholder. I'd probably feel the need to decorate my canopy with some nice fringe or something, maybe hang some curtains or Christmas lights.

Product Image Katie the Kitty Chair
The only reason that this chair doesn't top my wishlist is that I know 100% as a fact there is no way I could abandon it outside the stadium when it was time for the show. Given that it is a kid's chair, I also assumed my adult-sized ass wouldn't fit, but the product info says it holds up to 200 lbs, so apparently my ass AND yours could fit. But I'm not sharing my cat chair with you, get your own.

Product Image MistyMate Cooling Cap - Red/ Blue
This brings up so many questions for me. I'm assuming its like those bandanna necklace things you see at swap meets and county fairs where you soak them in water and the gel stuff activates and keeps you cool. But a) wouldn't that mean it would get my hair all wet? and b) if there's one thing worse than hat hair, it has to be wet bandanna hair, right? and c) can I even pull off a bandanna? d) Target lists the color as "Red/Blue" and there is nowhere to select a color, so does that mean it is reversible? and finally, e) Can I just steal a towel from the hotel, pour water on it, stick it on my head and get similar results? These are all burning questions.

Product Image Studio Tools Eye Shadow Applicator 24-pk.
I intend to amuse myself in line by doing makeovers on my friends. This should be enough applicators to keep me entertained for a while! Now I just need to decide what makeup to pack!
Product Image Ardell False Eyelashes Strip - Fashion Black (#110)
So, here's the thing, I'm pretty sure false lashes are going to be a must have. It's going to be fairly dark, so makeup needs to be a little more on the dramatic end of the scale if The Edge is going to fall madly in love with me, you know? It's pretty impossible not to look awesome in carefully-applied lashes, and they would save me from icky raccoon eyes when I sweat off my mascara. Of course, then I do risk one coming off without me noticing, and dancing around with an eyelash stuck to my cheek.

Head over to Fabulous But Evil to link up and check out all the other Target Tuesdays! I'm considering celebrating Tuesday with an actual Target trip once my coffee kicks in!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Awesome Sponsor: Platinum Pix!

I don't know about you guys, but this is pretty much how my photos are "organized":

Not exactly the best organizational system, I know. (And yes, that is my actual dresser drawer, if you can't tell by the Dixie and Tallulah pics!)

You may have noticed the button over in the sidebar that means my blog has a new sponsor! Platinum Pix is a company that specializes in photo services including photography, repair and archiving. If your photo collection looks like mine, you can hand it over to them to be scanned and put on a dvd, cd, or usb drive. You can even order an accompanying book that has thumbnails of all the photos to make it easy to find what you're looking for.

Jennifer of Platinum Pix and I went to school together in Southwest Missouri, so the devastation of the tornado in Joplin recently really hit home. I hadn't really thought about it at first, but backing up your photos on cd or dvd and putting a copy somewhere safe is a great idea if you live anywhere that gets hit by tornadoes or hurricanes every year! Most of us have our more recent photos on Flickr or Facebook, but what about those pictures from your 5th birthday party or high school graduation? (Platinum Pixs is currently offering FREE photo scanning and restoration to natural disaster victims! You can read about it here.)

Platinum Pix can also make your photos into all sorts of cool gifts, including mouse pads, puzzles, magnets and ornaments. They even do photo restoration, so if you have old photos that have scratches or tears, or have just faded over time, they can carefully edit them to make them look new again.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area, you can also hire them for wedding photography, engagement photo sessions, senior portraits, family portraits, or event photography!

You can find Platinum Pix on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy and of course, their website!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Target Tuesday #12

I swear I don't get how my brain works sometimes. Just like an hour ago, I was half awake and doing various early morning online things, singing quietly in my head ("It's Tuesday! Tuesday! Gotta get down on Tuesday!), wondering if I liked that ring on eBay enough to spend a whole 99 cents on it or if I should pass, etc. The point of that sentence being that I totally knew it was Tuesday like an hour ago. But then just now I was scrolling through Google Reader seeing what was new in blog world and saw someone's Target Tuesday post and was like "OH CRAP! It is TUESDAY!"

Nice work there, brain.

I really should write my Target Tuesday posts on Monday night, but that is a very busy night for me, what with mocking The Bachelorette (OMG, please tell me someone has seen Bentley on the street since last night and kicked him square in the crotch) and drooling over the hot trainer dude on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss (I really want to gain like 300 lbs just so he will move in with me for 3 months.)

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right! It's....

This week's picks are totally random things that caught my eye!

Product Image Midnight Martini Glasses Set of 6 - Amethyst
I don't really trust myself with martini glasses that cost more than like $2 because we all know they'll get broken, but these are just too cute! Grape vodka is my favorite, so it all fits.

Product Image Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Sleeveless V-Neck Knit Dress -Blue Foliage
Okay, so, this is a maternity dress, but I really don't care. It's cute! And as embarassing as this is to admit, I sometimes buy maternity clothes because they are made for big boobs. Plus this would give me the option of getting really, really fat if I felt like it. But mostly I just really need a cute summery dress!

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Long and Lean Tank - Pool Floral
So much cuteness!

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Wristlet - Brown
So handy!

Head over to Fabulous But Evil to check out all the other Target Tuesdays and link up!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Stuff I Totally Need Saturday #7: H&M

Dudes, I haven't done a Stuff I Totally Need Saturday in FOREVER! That makes me sad!

This week I decided to check out H&M. I've never actually shopped there, or even looked at the site much, but I saw a dress on another blog that made me curious. So, here's what I'm digging:

*First, I love that in most cases if you mouse-over a pic in the gallery view while you're shopping, it switches from a photo of the item on a model to the item just on its own. SO handy!

I unabashedly love the summeryness (totally a word) of this top. I would probably tailor it a little to flatter my figure, but I think it's cute! The only problem is that the largest size it comes in is 12, which says it fits a 37" chest (around the fullest part, not under your bust) and dude, my boobs are way, way, way bigger than that. This makes me sad, especially since it is only $4.95! Crap, am I going to have this problem with every top I like?

SQUEE, dress love! This comes in three colors (the navy, a pink and a multicolor), and I want them allllll! It's $14.95, and check it, is available in XL, which will happily fit my non-model body! WOOT! (BTW, doesn't this model also work for Free People?)

I can't believe I only found 2 items to blog about! Still, my love for that dress kind of makes up for the lack of quantity.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

What I'm Loving: June Edition

Oprah had her Favorite Things and I know a lot of bloggers do the What I'm Loving Wednesday meme, but since I can't afford to give you all a new caaaaaaaaaaar (and a humpback whaaaaaaale! You get a whale! And you! And you!) I thought I'd just throw together a list of some of the things rocking my world right now! I'm way too bad with structure to do it weeky, but maybe monthly?

First up on my list...

V8 Raspberry Green Tea

(I totally stole this image, sorry.)

I almost did a whole post just about my love for this stuff, but decided that would be kind of lame. I was at the gas station the other day and wanted something different and summery, and this fit the bill. How does anything that contains carrots and tomatoes call itself tea? I have no idea. But it is yummy. Apparently there is also a pineapple mango flavor that I now must try. (There's also pomegranate, but pomegranates are evil.)


I finally tried one of these the other day, and they're GOOD! I had a bad experience with strawberry lemonade when I was like 14 and working in an ice cream shop, so I've been wary of it ever since, but this stuff is reeeally good. Although I do wish it came in cherry! But they will let you substitute it as the drink with your happy meal for not much extra, which makes me happy since I don't drink soda!

Yes, I realize that everything on my list so far is a beverage, but let me say a) I don't really eat much in the summer, I'm all about drinks and b) you guys, this is booze in a bag. Preparation required? Stick it in the freezer. Voila! Frozen daiquiris or lemonades, alcohol included! Granted, it isn't much alcohol, but still. The directions even say you can drink it out of the bag if you are so inclined. WIN. (I also like that it suggests they are good for "on the go". Pop one in your work lunch bag, maybe?)

And last but more awesome than all the others combined, my Jasper!

I've been trying to give Jas lots of extra attention since we lost his sister, and as a result he's become even more of a momma's boy. He hangs around me almost all the time, and has taken to sleeping ON my feet instead of just at the foot of my bed. Plus he does at least one thing that totally cracks me up each day.

What's rocking your world lately?