Sunday, June 19, 2011

1000 Things That Make Me Happy: Part 4

Holy cow writing a list of 1000 things takes a long time! You can catch up on part 1, part 2 and part 3 via those lovely links. At this rate, I'll probably finish around 2014!

301. Any time Darren Criss (Blaine on Glee) gets to sing a line about being gangsta'.
302. Smelling like chocolate and raspberries after I take a bubble bath.
303. An easy to remember lock combination
304. A hotel room with an awesome view
305. When it is the exact perfect temperature outside
306. The sound of bamboo rustling in the wind
307. Songs in Swahili
308. Cooking experiments
309. Method pink grapefruit hand soap- smells sooooo good!

The "I miss Disney" section:
310. The Yeti on Expedition Everest
311. When they blow out the torches at the beginning of Illuminations
312. The white-out of fireworks at the end of Illuminations
313. The starry part of Tower of Terror
314. Zebra domes that you've stuck in the freezer for a few hours. OMG NOM.
315. Having an amusing cast bus driver after a long day of work at MK.
316. Flying over London on the Peter Pan ride at Magic Kingdom
317. How food shaped like Mickey's head just tastes better.
318. The smell of apple pie during Be Our Guest at Philharmagic.
319. The wooooosh as cars go by overhead when you stand outside Test Track.
320. Ordering custom yummy things at Goofy's Candy Company
321. The teeny tiny fish that swim around your feet in the shallow water at Castaway Cay
322. The calypso version of Under the Sea on the trams at Castaway Cay
323. The sound of the Disney Cruise Line ship horns
324. The key under the mat at Muppet Vision 3D
325. The lights in the pavement at Epcot
326. Drifting around the lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach
327. All of the backstories made up for the Haunted Mansion
328. Perimeter fireworks on special occasions at Magic Kingdom
329. The mosaic inside of Cinderella Castle
330.The "foot massage" from riding the little inclined moving sidewalk up to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

331. T-shirts that have the washing instructions printed inside instead of a tag. So much comfier!
332. Pinterest
333. Having a special notepad just for grocery lists.
334. Engrish
335.These cookies:

336. Adding cherry snow cone syrup to things that were never intended to meet it.
337. When someone randomly does something REALLY nice and brightens your otherwise awful day.
338. Getting freakishly cheap jewelry on eBay. My best buy so far was a pair of earrings for 11 cents with free shipping, but I've gotten some amazing stuff for around 60 cents, too. SCORE.

339. Really, really absurd jewelry. This? Oh, it's just a crystal-covered lobster bracelet. You can choose from dozens of colors on ebay. There are also rings. I am serious.

340. When you finally get your back or neck to pop, and it is incredibly satisfying.
341. Discovering new yoga poses
342. When a product you already love introduces a new flavor/color.
343. Having to try on the next smaller size.
344. Reading fashion magazines in the bath tub.
345. Using the really good conditioner.
346. How refreshed dying your hair can make you feel.
347. Sticking my bottle of peach tea in the freezer long enough to make it slushy.
348. Pretty vintage perfume bottles with the little squeeze bulb.
349. Waking up feeling like something wonderful might happen today.
350. Hearing the same song in the grocery store you were just listening to in the car.

351. Jeans with great stitching on the back pockets.
352. Fresh berries.
353. False eyelashes.
354. The smell of my sandalwood bracelet.
355. Experiencing an awesome event with a huge crowd of people.
356. Lightning bugs/Fireflies
357. Mermaids
358. The way U2 is always changing up their setlist and throwing in awesome surprises!
359. When the opening act is surprisingly awesome
360. Holding a hot coffee cup on a cold morning.
361. Altering a shirt to make it fit perfectly.
362. Creative uses for old things

363. Gluing sequins onto things.
364. Red Netflix envelopes in the mail.
365. Super competitive games of mini golf.
366. Wearing ribbons in my hair.
367. Seeing something you worked really hard for finally become reality.
368. That the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disney World is going back to the original version!

369. Grocery shopping at somewhere you don't usually shop, getting all excited about the different products they carry.
370. Colorful clip-in hair highlights
371. Cheesy gift shops near the beach where they sell things made out of shells
372. Ice cubes in non-square shapes
373. Feeling strong when you work out
374. White nail polish topped with glittery nail polish.
375. Singing songs to babies.
376. Cat feet. They're cute.
377. The stray kitty that hangs out near my house FINALLY letting me pet her.
378. Fuji Apple Pear SoBe Lifewater
379. Salted caramel squares from Starbucks
380. Awesome gifts with purchase

381. FB status updates that end up with like 20 comments.
382. Truly surprising plot twists
383. Drawing on the steamed-up shower door with my finger
384. When I buy jewelry on ebay and the seller sends it in a cute jewelry box
385. Having the perfect earrings to go with a shirt
386. When Google suggests awesome searches:

387. Or even awesomer searches:

388. Listening to SBK Live online when I'm not in Orlando to listen on the radio.
389. For some inexplicable reason, this has been making me laugh for almost a week:

390. When my cat Jasper takes care of any spiders that show up in my bedroom.

391. Comics that speak my life

392. My neon pink & blue Wayfarers
393. Talking to the birds in pet shops
394. Funny fish tank decorations
395. Somewhat weathered looking beachfront motels painted in tropical colors
396. The possibility that song might actually be about you.
397. All the little things you do right before vacation- charging up the camera batteries, cleaning off the memory cards, cleaning the house so it will be nice to come home to, etc. They're everyday things, but you do them with such greater joy than usual.
398. Being approached with an awesome job offer.
399. Getting paid well to do something fun.
400. Adding places to my list of things and places to see.

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