Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Dead!

Sorry for being totally absent from the blog this week! I've been working about 20 hrs/day, sleeping 3 hrs/night all week to come up with $ for my U2 trip. I can't believe it's in TWO weeks! And that I still don't have $ for airfare! And while I'm working around the clock, airfare just keeps getting more expensive. ARRGH!

I did have an awesome break from it today- the ginormous Glastonbury music festival is going on, and U2 was the headlining act. There was a live video feed, and it was AWESOME. We get live audio fairly often, thanks to people who take their cell phones to the show and stream the audio online, but half the time the sound is REALLY awful. To get seriously high-quality live video was AMAZING. I had some friends in the FRONT ROW, so it was fun to try to spot them (no luck.) Plus, it was a REALLY good show, they broke out a few songs that were totally unexpected.

And being the total nerd that I am, the second the first notes of "Where the Streets Have No Name" started, I started crying. Not misty-eyed, but big, ugly, sobby cry.

This was one of my other favorites:


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