Saturday, June 04, 2011

Stuff I Totally Need Saturday #7: H&M

Dudes, I haven't done a Stuff I Totally Need Saturday in FOREVER! That makes me sad!

This week I decided to check out H&M. I've never actually shopped there, or even looked at the site much, but I saw a dress on another blog that made me curious. So, here's what I'm digging:

*First, I love that in most cases if you mouse-over a pic in the gallery view while you're shopping, it switches from a photo of the item on a model to the item just on its own. SO handy!

I unabashedly love the summeryness (totally a word) of this top. I would probably tailor it a little to flatter my figure, but I think it's cute! The only problem is that the largest size it comes in is 12, which says it fits a 37" chest (around the fullest part, not under your bust) and dude, my boobs are way, way, way bigger than that. This makes me sad, especially since it is only $4.95! Crap, am I going to have this problem with every top I like?

SQUEE, dress love! This comes in three colors (the navy, a pink and a multicolor), and I want them allllll! It's $14.95, and check it, is available in XL, which will happily fit my non-model body! WOOT! (BTW, doesn't this model also work for Free People?)

I can't believe I only found 2 items to blog about! Still, my love for that dress kind of makes up for the lack of quantity.


blueviolet said...

That dress is so affordable!

Jen said...

H&M is totally affordable, I can't believe you haven't been yet! They are my staple for things like tank tops ($4-$5) and what-not. The sizes vary so trying everything on is a must. I've had to buy button down shirts WAY bigger than my actual size just because they sometimes run small.