Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Target Tuesday #14

Happy first day of Summer, everyone! I'm planning a nice 30 min or so break from working soon to just go lay out in my back yard and get some SUN! It's also that day between Monday and Wednesday, which makes it...

Because I am totally have a one track mind, this week's Target Tuesday is yet again themed to my upcoming Montreal trip! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED YOU GUYS. In less than 3 weeks, I'm going to be standing under this:

See those 40,000 people down on the field? See the 2,000 inside the little circle? See the like, maybe 100 right up by the stage? I'll be getting in line before 5 AM the day of the first show to be one of THOSE people. And then after the show, I'll be camping out to do it again the next day. BRING IT.

So here's my Target wishlist of trip essentials!

Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Seagrass Cowboy Hat With Cord Trim - Tan
I need a hat to protect my delicate little freckled head from the sun! Also excellent for sticking over your face for a nap so your friends don't end up with awesome photos of you drooling in their FB photos. Also handy for PopMart era Edge impressions. (Hey, I wonder if Target carries fake mustaches?)

Product Image Travel by Design Apothecary Travel Bottles 4-pk. - 2.4 oz.
There's something about smooshing all your bath products into tiny little bottles before a trip that makes me giddy!

Product Image Pearl Series French Classic Pool Lounger
I'm totally considering getting something like this to lounge around on in line! So much better than sitting on the hard ground all day!

Product Image Frommer's Montreal Day by Day (Mixed media product)

No explanation needed, I'm sure. Although sadly, I'll really only have a few hours to see the city!

Product Image Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Spider-Man Bandages - 20 Count
In honor of Bono & Edge's Spiderman musical, I should totally rock one of these as a temporary tattoo.

Product Image Women's Mossimo® Pari Strappy Sandals - Black

Product Image Women's Mossimo® Peita Flat Thong Sandals - Black
I have a super cute black, kind of dressy shirt that I'm planning to wear the 2nd night, and I have NO IDEA what kind of shoes to wear with it! I normally wear heels, but dude, that SO isn't going to work for a big outdoor concert. It's a little too fancy for flip-flops, though. Between those two things, 90% of my shoe collection is eliminated. Maybe something like these pairs of sandals? They don't look super comfy for 2 hours of dancing around, but at least they'd be less likely to fall off than flip flops would. And really, all I have to do the next day is get on a plane, so I guess it's no big deal if my feet are still numb?

Product Image License Juniors Betty White Golden Betty Tee - White

I have zero actual reason for including this shirt on this list other than it is A FREAKING BETTY WHITE T-SHIRT, YOU GUYS. That is all.

Here are 3 random things happening on this trip that I am super excited about other than seeing U2:
1) Trying Tim Horton's. My Canadian friends claim that I will like it more than Starbucks, I am skeptical. International coffee taste testing- it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!
2) Visiting a Wal-Mart where the employees all speak French instead of Spanish. Being a Florida girl, this screws with my head and fascinates me.
3) Saying "Eh?" at least once. It's CANADA, dude. I have to.

I really am all about the simple pleasures!

By the way, if you would like to help fund my trip (I'm still a couple hundred short of airfare, and am only freaking out about this in a manner that resembles a large crowd of Japanese people in a Godzilla movie... it looks like this: ) I'm still selling ads in the sidebar and posts about your blog for super cheap! You can also just randomly send me a dollar or two via PayPal. (I will literally get super excited about $2 at this point, and probably write a song about you or build a statue or something. You know what, let's do that! Donate $2 or more and I will totally write a haiku or something about you. Or draw you a pretty pretty picture and post it here. Or something.)


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Very cute cowboy hat! Looks like you're going to have a fun trip!

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