Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Target Tuesday- Goin' Camping on the Sidewalk!

Today marks just 24 days until my epic trip to Montreal to see U2 play 2 nights in a row! (NOTE! I am still short $ for airfare, so if you are interested in buying an ad in my pretty sidebar or a post about your blog/business/giraffe/I-really-dont-care-at-this-point, contact me via the e-mail in the sidebar!)

The thing about U2 concerts is that if you want to be right up by the stage (and obviously we do, because that's where they keep the Bono) you have to get in line at like 4 AM for the 9 PM concert. Security usually lets you into the stadium around 5 PM, so that means around 13 hours of just sitting outside before that. Two days in a row. I'm flying 1600 miles to sit on a sidewalk with my friends for over 24 hours. And it is going to be AWESOME.

Anyway, in preparation, we've been checking out some cheap camping equipment online to make our sitting around comfier! We might not have time to drop it back by the hotel, and it obviously can't come to the show with us, so we need cheap camping chairs and such that we can basically abandon outside the stadium when it's time for the mad dash for the best spot.

So that's the inspiration for this week's Target Tuesday- Stuff for Sittin on a Sidewalk! (It might be a field, who knows.)

Product Image Kelysus Convertible Canopy Chair - Blue
Is this the modern day equivalent of a royal throne or what? I'd feel like a total boss chillin' in this. Cupholder, man, cupholder. I'd probably feel the need to decorate my canopy with some nice fringe or something, maybe hang some curtains or Christmas lights.

Product Image Katie the Kitty Chair
The only reason that this chair doesn't top my wishlist is that I know 100% as a fact there is no way I could abandon it outside the stadium when it was time for the show. Given that it is a kid's chair, I also assumed my adult-sized ass wouldn't fit, but the product info says it holds up to 200 lbs, so apparently my ass AND yours could fit. But I'm not sharing my cat chair with you, get your own.

Product Image MistyMate Cooling Cap - Red/ Blue
This brings up so many questions for me. I'm assuming its like those bandanna necklace things you see at swap meets and county fairs where you soak them in water and the gel stuff activates and keeps you cool. But a) wouldn't that mean it would get my hair all wet? and b) if there's one thing worse than hat hair, it has to be wet bandanna hair, right? and c) can I even pull off a bandanna? d) Target lists the color as "Red/Blue" and there is nowhere to select a color, so does that mean it is reversible? and finally, e) Can I just steal a towel from the hotel, pour water on it, stick it on my head and get similar results? These are all burning questions.

Product Image Studio Tools Eye Shadow Applicator 24-pk.
I intend to amuse myself in line by doing makeovers on my friends. This should be enough applicators to keep me entertained for a while! Now I just need to decide what makeup to pack!
Product Image Ardell False Eyelashes Strip - Fashion Black (#110)
So, here's the thing, I'm pretty sure false lashes are going to be a must have. It's going to be fairly dark, so makeup needs to be a little more on the dramatic end of the scale if The Edge is going to fall madly in love with me, you know? It's pretty impossible not to look awesome in carefully-applied lashes, and they would save me from icky raccoon eyes when I sweat off my mascara. Of course, then I do risk one coming off without me noticing, and dancing around with an eyelash stuck to my cheek.

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M@coffeeandkitsch said...

that canopy chair is fantastic

tara said...

That cooling cap reminds me of Bret Michaels! Lol.

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

love that canopy chair and agree with Tara about the cooling cap haha.