Thursday, June 02, 2011

What I'm Loving: June Edition

Oprah had her Favorite Things and I know a lot of bloggers do the What I'm Loving Wednesday meme, but since I can't afford to give you all a new caaaaaaaaaaar (and a humpback whaaaaaaale! You get a whale! And you! And you!) I thought I'd just throw together a list of some of the things rocking my world right now! I'm way too bad with structure to do it weeky, but maybe monthly?

First up on my list...

V8 Raspberry Green Tea

(I totally stole this image, sorry.)

I almost did a whole post just about my love for this stuff, but decided that would be kind of lame. I was at the gas station the other day and wanted something different and summery, and this fit the bill. How does anything that contains carrots and tomatoes call itself tea? I have no idea. But it is yummy. Apparently there is also a pineapple mango flavor that I now must try. (There's also pomegranate, but pomegranates are evil.)


I finally tried one of these the other day, and they're GOOD! I had a bad experience with strawberry lemonade when I was like 14 and working in an ice cream shop, so I've been wary of it ever since, but this stuff is reeeally good. Although I do wish it came in cherry! But they will let you substitute it as the drink with your happy meal for not much extra, which makes me happy since I don't drink soda!

Yes, I realize that everything on my list so far is a beverage, but let me say a) I don't really eat much in the summer, I'm all about drinks and b) you guys, this is booze in a bag. Preparation required? Stick it in the freezer. Voila! Frozen daiquiris or lemonades, alcohol included! Granted, it isn't much alcohol, but still. The directions even say you can drink it out of the bag if you are so inclined. WIN. (I also like that it suggests they are good for "on the go". Pop one in your work lunch bag, maybe?)

And last but more awesome than all the others combined, my Jasper!

I've been trying to give Jas lots of extra attention since we lost his sister, and as a result he's become even more of a momma's boy. He hangs around me almost all the time, and has taken to sleeping ON my feet instead of just at the foot of my bed. Plus he does at least one thing that totally cracks me up each day.

What's rocking your world lately?

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Katie said...

I'm currently in love with the A & E "Biography" series. Yup.