Sunday, July 17, 2011

New lingerie hits EdenFantasys!

I was SO excited when I recently found all of the awesome new lingerie that is going up for sale at EdenFantasys! A few things have already shown up, including some cute new bra and panty sets, garter belts, and several designs of thigh-highs! I can't wait to get these:

I love patterned stockings paired with just the right outfit for going out! I really like the ribbons on these, too. Anything but boring!

Although it isn't actually for sale yet, it also looks like this AMAZING leopard print chemise will be available soon!

Chemise leopard - Chemise

This sucker is going in my cart the second it is available! It looks like there is a lot of other sexy lingerie coming up, including some new corsets and bustiers! It's like Christmas for me!!

They have also changed the "free gift with any order" program up a little bit- instead of just having one free gift, there are now five to pick from! I'm sure the number of gifts and what's actually available will change from time to time, but I love getting to choose! All you have to do is click the "Free Gift" banner at the top of the home page, click the gift you want and click "add to cart". Love it!

Disclosure: I will be compensated for this post with a gift card.


Katie said...

Ooh, I like! A lot!

Poekitten said...

I came over from the FTLOB critique:)

I like that your blog is simple and clean. I read several posts and I enjoyed them. I think I would also love the Toronto airport! Most airports outside of the US are way better!

One thing I like when I visit a blog is an About me page. I like to know who I'm reading about. The blogger profile is OK but very cookie cutter.