Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Target Tuesday #15

So, um, you guys? I leave for Canada TOMORROW.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've literally been working 20 hours a day and sleeping 3 hours for the past TWO WEEKS in an attempt to make money for my trip, and I still can't really afford to eat while I'm there, but who needs food when there's rock n' roll? (Bonus- I found a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card I won a while back but haven't used because I live in the middle of nowhere), so that totally takes care of dinner the night I'm stuck in Chicago!)

ANYWAY. Tomorrow! Plane! Canada! U2! Awesome things! HUZZAH!

But that's tomorrow! Today is...

I don't like this dress on this particular model, but I think I'd like it on me. It looks like one of those you could just throw on on a hot summer day when you simply do not have the patience for clothes.

Merona Women's 2-Piece Tankini Swimsuit with Sequins
I love that this is simple without being boring! Plus it calls attention to the boobage, which is never bad. Side note- I am totally going to Canada with non-matching swimsuit pieces. I bought a super cute tankini top around the beginning of this year, but never got around to buying a bottom to match. Given that I'm broke, I just have to take an old one, so I'll be wearing a brown & teal top with a dark blue bottom. Please do the same so we can just say it is a trend?

Playhut Fashion Boutique
Forget a tent for camping out in line for the concert, I want one of THESE!

Ok, so I already own this, but you see that giant claw-spaceship-stage thingey? I will be underneath that on FRIDAY!


tara said...

That dress is so cute and simple! Perfect for the days you dont want to put too much thought into getting dressed!

Naima said...

Just letting you know the little animated "OMG" and "ONOZ" people made me smile this morning.

Courtney said...

I love that green dress! It is perfect for the summer!

Celia said...

that green dress is perfect! i love it!

...and I am with Naima! that "omg" thingy is hilarious! have fun on your trip!