Friday, August 26, 2011

Sick BonoCat :(

My BonoCat has been sick for almost a week! I've been a worried cat mom.

He's mostly an outdoor kitty, but he's a really weird sleeper for a cat- he'll come inside in the afternoon or evening, curl up in his little kitty cube or in a random cardboard box I leave out for him and sleep for like 6-8 hours straight. (Most cats sleep a crazy # of hours per day, but do so a few hours at a time.) It's like he takes an extended siesta!

So I didn't think anything of it when he slept most of Saturday afternoon away, and when he was STILL sleeping at like 2am I was kind of amused but not worried. But when he was still curled up asleep at like 10 the next morning, I was worried. He definitely had a fever, and just plain didn't feel well.

He was still just laying around doing nothing on Monday morning, so we called the vet and got the first available appointment. It turns out he had a major fever- 105.7! Cats run warmer than humans, but their normal temp is like 100.5-102, so that's still really hot! The vet said he had some kind of infection and gave us antibiotics.

We "hid" in the corner of the exam room together-- he likes to nestle his face in my hand so nobody can see him when things are scary.

Now it's Friday, and he's *finally* starting to feel a little better. He's still spending most of the day asleep in the cat carrier that we used to take him to the vet, I guess he feels safe in there? But his appetite is getting better and he's been drinking more water. He's SO skinny, though- the vet says cats usually won't eat when they have a fever, so he's lost weight. I get the feeling that he's really bored- he's feeling better enough that he doesn't sleep all the time, but he isn't feeling well enough to actually get up and do stuff. It must suck to be sick as a cat, since you can't even read or watch TV.

You can tell he just plain doesn't feel well.

I'm glad he's starting to get a little better, but ugh! It feels like it is taking forever! I'm used to human medicine where after two or three days of antibiotics you're back to normal. This has been such a long week!

Fall Handbag Window Shopping

I was browsing this morning and got totally sucked into browsing through the handbags. (Why don't we have a term for the internet version of window shopping? Windows shopping, maybe?)

I love checking out what the major designers are doing for each season to get ideas- I can look at Fendi or Marc Jacobs handbags online and get ideas and inspiration about what's new with accessories and then use those ideas in my own way.

Here's some of what I'm drooling over:

style #316468201 black leather 'Sac Roady Rock' studded hobo
Yves Saint Laurent black leather 'Sac Roady Rock' studded hobo

I have a weakness for the rock n' roll-ness of studded leather. I blame the cool embellished Converse that Edge wore for most of the 360 tour.

style #314806001 black leather 'Marianna Rider' medium hobo
Christian Louboutin black leather 'Marianna Rider' medium hobo

Okay, so I seem to have a thing for hobo bags with leather and metal right now!

style #314289101 olive basketwoven leather 'Magazine' tote
Frye olive basketwoven leather 'Magazine' tote

This bag is SO "fall" to me! It's that kind of mossy green color of pumpkin stems and evergreen trees. It also comes in orange, but that was a little toooo fall for me. I'm kind of embarrassaed to admit that I actually had no idea Frye made handbags, too, I just know their boots. I love the woven texture of this, though, and I can totally see myself carrying it.

style #314310201 black lace nylon convertible shopping tote
Valentino black lace nylon convertible shopping tote

I love the romantic, almost gothic vibe of this. It makes me think of vampire novels or something. I am amused that it is called a shopping tote, like you are going to hand it over to the bagger at the grocery store like "Oh, just put my Spaghetti-o's and frozen pizza in my Valentino bag, please!" Still, I love it!

Do you change up your accessories to match the season? Are you as excited about fall as I am?

Phone Finding!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Although I can remember every song lyric in the history of the universe, minor plot details from books I read a decade ago and other not-so-useful things, there are other things I can never remember: Where I parked, where I put my car keys, and what I did with my phone.  I'm a pretty impressive phone loser, actually- I almost lost one when it fell out of my pocket when I was working in Magic Kingdom and lost it on the Tomorrowland Speedway track, and I *did* lose another in my resort's breakroom.  A third phone was lost when I accidentally tossed it onto the floor instead of into my purse when turning it off at the airport before boarding a flight. I wonder if my current phone is kind of nervous about all of this?

I just heard about something kind of cool called the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App that Sprint customers can use to locate lost phones on a map so you know WHERE you left it, remotely wipe the info from a stolen phone to protect your privacy, set off an alarm on the phone or lock it so nobody else can use it or retrieve your contacts from a lost phone.  I SO need something like this!  How many times have you seen Facebook updates from whoever found the phone your friend left behind on the train or in the bar?

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)

You normally have to activate this app within 30 days of getting your phone, but Sprint is doing a limited time promotion until August 30 so that current customers can add this to their plan for $8/month.  

For more info, check out the video below, or the info here!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's with the fug, Anthro?

I was reading the lovely fashion blog Breakfast at Anthropologie last night, and came across this post about how ugly most of the recent Anthropologie clothes are. I'm a HUGE Anthropologie fan, so I was all "No way! Impossible! Their stuff is amazeballs!" But the photos she posted were pretty good proof, so I went over to the store's site to investigate for myself.

OMG, you guys. The designers from Anthropologie have obviously been abducted by aliens and replaced with a howler monkey. There is no other explanation for this crap.

Could I interest you in one of these lovely shirts?

How about a nice sweater to top that with?

No? How about a pretty little dress?

Or some shoes to complete the outfit?

I mean, holy crap, you guys! I'm a bigger fan of quirky fashion than most, and I totally delight in tasteless jewelry and accessories for fun, but this is just out of hand. WHAT is going on here??

Would you actually wear any of this? Should we send some kind of combination sniper/rescue team to the Anthropologie headquarters?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Current August Status

I liked the Current August Status post at No Small Dreams, so I am being a total copycat!

This image has nothing to do with this blog post, but it was looking kind of naked so I stuck a bird on it.

Current guilty pleasure: All things True Blood. I've been making my way through the books & seasons of the show this past week.

Current color: I seem to be all about turquoise.

Current playlist: Zooropa (U2), Good Life (One Republic), The Show Goes On (Lupe Fiasco), Lady With the Spinning Head (U2)

Current read: Finally finishing Fire by Anais Nin, picked up The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks at the library today.

Current drink: Mango Peach MiO mixed with Mango Melon SoBe, sometimes with Pinnacle Whipped vodka added for extra noms.

Current food: I've been super addicted to carrot cake!

Current favorite show: I very rarely watch TV, but the stuff I watch is fairly embarrassing and guilty pleasuresque: Bachelor Pad on Mondays, Project Runway on Thursdays and Simpsons/Family Guy/Bob's Burgers on Sundays.

Current wish list: Another pair of Sanuk flip-flops, the perfect crochet tank top, a dSLR

Current needs: More energy!

Current triumphs: I've been surprisingly good about laundry lately?

Current bane of my existence: Allergies!

Current celebrity crush: The Edge, Darren Criss, Alexander Skarsgard

Current indulgence: Hershey's Drops

Current blessing: BonoCat is FINALLY feeling a little better after being sick all weekend. He went to the vet this morning and got kitty drugs!

Current outfit: Dude, it's 1am, we're not even going to discuss my lazy t-shirt and shorts.

Current excitement: I finally ordered a new laptop! It should be here in around a week!

Current mood: So very sleepy! I only got 3 hrs last night due to Bon's early vet appointment.

Current link: Who What Wear

Friday, August 19, 2011

Actual *blogging*?

So, who else has been blogging since the late 90s and remembers when "blog" really was short for "weblog" and meant a place where you logged things from around the web, and those things where people wrote about their lives were called "online journals"? Anyone? Anyone?

So, in a revival of the roots of blogging, here are a few links from around the ol' interwebs that have caught my fancy this week:

This post on the Free People blog about taking the time to breathe and on challenges in disguise.

This handy guide to "secret" Starbucks menu items!

Lara at cLARAfication's awesome post about how we use technology vs. how our parents do.

Reasoning with Vampires is an amusing Tumblr that examines the stellar writing of the Twilight series.

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In which I finally watch that show everyone else has been watching for years

I am not a TV person. Like, at all. The 3 years I spent in Orlando were totally TV-less, and to be honest I very rarely missed it. Now that I have TV again, I still don't watch much, probably somewhere between 5 and 10 hours a week, if that.

I do this thing, though, every now and then where I find a show I really like and end up watching every episode over a matter of a few weeks or months (depending on how long it lasted). That's what's happening with me and True Blood right now.

I'm only on Season 2, so don't spoil me! And yes, I've heard it has started to suck lately. I actually think it's pretty amusing that Katie blogged about breaking up with True Blood like a day after I started watching it. Anyway, I thought I'd talk about what I like and don't like so far:

*I like Anna Paquin. It was hard to see her as an adult at first, since she's kind of forever Rogue from X-Men to me. I do think she's much prettier as a brunette, but Sookie is blonde in the books (I picked up the first one and have just started it), so blonde she must be.

*I think my favorite thing in the show is the attention to random realistic details. For example, Jason has his new, working TV sitting on top of the old, broken one. We had that exact same thing going on in my house for YEARS. The clothes people wear on the show are, in general, clothes people would actually wear.

*Hot naked vampires. Just sayin'.

*Although there are occasional moments where I notice the absurdity of what's going on, good acting and directing covers what could become pretty silly.

*The vampires don't sparkle.

*I got like 7 episodes in before I realized "OMG, that is Zach from Gilmore Girls!" That's pretty impressive.

*I'd heard there was a lot of sex in this show, but... whoa. There's a *lot* of sex in this show!

*I like the theme song, and they tend to use good music on the show in general. The song selections for the closing credits often crack me up.

*I accidentally typed it as "True Blud" when talking to Katie about it, so we now refer to the show exclusively as "Tru Blud". (Think of the priest in Princess Bride's "Twu wuv" for proper pronunciation.)

Do you also jump on tv show bandwagons years too late? Are you also tuning in for the hot naked vampires? And how is it that I'm almost 30 and haven't found a nice vampire to settle down with yet? So many questions.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Swap! Simply Kate

As a part of the Blog Swap at 20sb, my blog is being taken over today by Kate!

Hey there! My name is Katie and I'm the writer of a blog called Simply Kate!

This is my first ever blog swap and I’m more than excited to be partnered up with Crystal! Her blog is pretty adorable, don’t you think?

I'm a little bit all over the place. I jump from project to project because there are just so many things that I enjoy and so many things to try in this world. Pretty much the only constant is blogging. How else could I document all of the bits and pieces of my life?

I take photos everywhere I go. My camera is always with me. You can never tell when something beautiful will pop out at you and scream for the lens and flash of your camera. Photography is such a wonderful hobby, and while I'm still an amateur, I am working really hard to improve my skills.

I'm a simple girl who likes photos and books, laughter and music, games and food and most of all, memories.

Beauty and excitement is all around us. I'm just doing my part to remember it, document it and share it with the world!

I’d love it if you would come and check out my blog! There’s always something fun going on over there. There’s even a giveaway going on right now! Life is too short to miss out on meeting people and experiencing new things! So come experience my blog and we can be awesome bloggy friends!

Simply Kate

Affordable Scarves Review & $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I know that late summer when it is like 100 degrees every day is kind of a weird time to start talking about scarves, but I totally had to show off what I got in the mail the other day:

You may know that I'm kind of obsessed with all things giraffe print, so this silky scarf makes me super happy! I love that it can be worn all kinds of ways:

(Yeah, I have no idea what that face I'm making is, either!)

Scarf on the head = ultimate bad hair day fix!

The scarf was sent to me by Affordable Scarves, which is pretty darn snazzy. You can shop the site by shape (skinny scarves vs. square scarves, for example), color, material, season or trend. 
A few other random things I loved about the site:

*Same-Day Shipping- If you order before 2pm on weekdays, your order ships out that same day!

*Free priority shipping on orders over $40! Shipping for orders less than $40 starts at $4.95.

*They're true to their name- Almost everything on the site is under $20, with a lot of items being less than $10!

*If you change your mind about your scarf after you get it, you can return it within 30 days for 100% money back!

*They have a blog where you can keep up with fashion trends, especially how celebs are wearing scarves, and find ideas for how to wear yours.

*You can pay by PayPal! I get paid via PayPal, so I usually have more money in that account than in my bank account, so I love when online shops have this option!!

*They sent me an e-mail to let me know that my order had shipped, and it included a handy "click here to track your package!" link. I know the link only saves a few seconds over having to copy/paste a tracking number, but it still made me happy! (I'm an obsessive package tracker!)

They also started a new side project at that has some really cool resources for those interested in working scarves into your outfits, including dozens of ways to wear them!

And in an extra show of awesomeness, Affordable Scarves is going to give one of you guys a $20 gift certificate to spend on whatever your little heart desires! (Psst- all the cool kids are rocking giraffe print. Just sayin'.)

Here's how to enter: Visit Affordable Scarves and leave a comment below letting me know something you might get if you win! Please be specific with the name, not just "plaid scarf", for example, since there are so many! This giveaway is open to US residents only- sorry Canadian friends!

Want some extra entries? You can get one for each of the following! (Note- you MUST complete the mandatory entry above first, or bonus entries won't count!) Be sure to leave each bonus entry in a separate comment!

*Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect.
*Like Straight On Till Morning on Facebook.
*Follow me on Twitter (Just click the button in the sidebar near the top!)
*Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link to your tweet. You can do this up to 3 times over the course of the giveaway, but please make them on separate days.
*Blog about this giveaway with a link to this post for 5 bonus entries! (leave the link to your post with 5 comments!)
*Check out 37 Ways to Tie a Scarf and tell me one you thought was interesting!

Good luck to everyone! All entries must be received by 11:59 PM Central on 8/30/11! I will contact the winner (chosen by by e-mail, and they must respond within 48 hrs or a new winner will be chosen.

Disclosure: I received a product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation for this review or giveaway was provided, and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Target Tuesday # I have no idea what number!

It's Tuesday! That means we're talking Target! Here's what's catching my eye this week:

Product Image Xhila Stn Kmn Dress - Bluegrn Prnt
Oh, Target, it's like you know if you throw together blue, green and a v-neckline, I'll be smitten.

Product Image Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Sue Mary Jane Wedges - Black

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Sue Mary Jane Wedges

I'm not usually a big fan of wedges, but how cute are these?? They'd be so easy to walk in, and I love the paisley inside!

Product Image Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kenlee Flannel Flip Boots - Black

I can't totally explain the attraction, but I kind of love these (and their brown counterparts.) They kinda look like you spent they night with Johnny Depp and then stole his shoes.

Check back tonight for a new giveaway! Oooh, ahh, the suspense! (Edit: Oops! I totally lied about that "Check back tonight!" stuff. Tomorrow!)

And be sure to check out all of the other Target Tuesdays (and link up your own!) over at Fabulous But Evil!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Favorites

I don't even remember the last time I did a round-up of all the stuff I'm into at the moment, so no time like the present!

1. I am OBSESSED with MiO right now! I bought one on a whim a couple of weeks ago and I've been drinking it daily ever since! If you haven't seen the commercials, it is a "flavored water enhancer"- basically a liquid flavoring that you can squirt into your water (or other drink) to make it tasty! At first I was confused, because I assumed by the description that it added vitamins or something, too, but the nutrition label is basically all zeros, so I was like what's the point? But it tastes so good, I don't even care that it's not as healthy as I hoped! My favorite is the Mango Peach. I've also tried the Strawberry Watermelon and Peach Tea, which are both good, too! The Peach Tea flavor is kind of awesome when I'm in the mood for tea but too lazy to make a cup, although it's a shame it doesn't have all the antioxidants and stuff in real tea. I still want to try the Sweet Tea and Fruit Punch flavors! (There's also a Berry Pomegranate, but I hate pomegranate so I'll probably skip that one.)

Alternative Women's Yoga Pants - Black Clean Spirited Eco Friendly Women's Apparel

2. These organic cotton yoga pants by Alternative. I won a $100 gift certificate to Clean Spirited earlier this summer, and these are one of the items I got with it. They are SO soft and comfy! And they're super lightweight, so not too hot in the summer. I wish now that I'd gotten them in grey, too!

3. I FINALLY gave in and tried the whipped cream vodka, and it is SO GOOD. It's super sweet, just like whipped cream, and doesn't have quite as harsh of a "bite" as some vodkas do. It goes well with pretty much anything sweet, so I'm having fun mixing up different combos! The same company also makes a cake flavored vodka, which I think is next on my wishlist, although I've also heard really good things about their mango flavor! But then, browsing their site for an image, I found THIS:

GUMMY FLAVORED VODKA! Must try! (Maybe for vodka infused gummy bears?) So much vodka, so little time!!

Unionbay Congo Cargo...
4. These shorts by Unionbay. I have SO much trouble finding shorts I like, because they always poof out so much at the thighs, like you can see in this pic:

(I really will get around to writing about my side trip to Niagara soon!)

I guess my waist is oddly disproportionate to my thighs? (Although the shorts in that pic are one or two sizes too big, so there's that problem, too.) Anyway, I HATE how shorts always stick out a ton at the sides! But then I found the shorts above at Kohls (on sale, yay!) and I'm in love with the little drawstring at the bottom that lets me pull in the hem a little, so I don't have that parachute pants effect! HUZZAH! (Mine are a charcoal grey, but they don't seem to be on the Kohls site anymore, so the brown pic above is the closest I could get.)

5. "PIANO!!!!"
Someone told me the story of this at some point in Montreal, but I finally saw the video yesterday!

For "New Year's Day", Edge plays both guitar and piano, which is totally hot. At a show a while back, the song started, and about 10 seconds in, he turns around to go to the piano and realizes it *isn't there*. I guess the crew is supposed to push something to send it up on stage, and that hadn't happened. So, forgetting that he is wearing a mic, Edge suddenly yells "PIANO!" in a panic when he notices. There's just something about this totally zen guy freaking out and then cracking up.

"PIANO!" is at 12 seconds in (I am SO making an mp3 of this to be my ringtone as soon as I get my BlackBerry) and Edge's super cute crack-up is at about 52 seconds in. I also love that a) Adam is basically laughing his ass off the whole time, and b) Edge does a pretty decent job of just improvising the piano parts on guitar. And c) the crew gets the damn piano up there by about halfway through the song.

What are you loving this month?

New favorites!

I just looked back at my 2 EdenFantasys posts last months about the new lingerie, and realized I now own 3 of the 4 items I wrote about. Now I just need that purple bustier!

I have a couple of new favorite pieces that I never mentioned, though, so I thought I'd give you a quick rundown!

Fully boned lace and satin corset - Corset

I was super excited to get the Fully Boned Satin and Lace Corset! Most of my corsets just have hook-and-eye closures, but this one actually laces up the back and is FREAKING HOT. Plus it makes my boobage look splendiferous! I love that this comes in sizes ranging from Small to 3x/4x, so there's one to fit almost anyone, and the lace-up back gives you plenty of wiggle room if you gain or lose a few pounds! It looks super cute with jeans, but it's not *quite* comfortable enough to wear out for an extended period, sadly.

Chemise - Chemise
On the super comfy end of the scale, this Chemise by Coquette is SO super comfortable. It is really similar to the leopard print one I wrote about a while back, but the sides are transparent, and it has the extra neck detail. I've been loving this for lounging around the house on hot summer days when pants just seem like an impossible idea! There's an almost identical bustier that I need to get ASAP!

Disclosure: I will be compensated for this post with a gift card.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Ally Cat (also known as Teen Mom Kitty, since she couldn't have been much older than 6 months when she got knocked up) has been coming up for food like four or five times a day lately. Since we estimated she had her kittens just before I went to Canada, that means they're about 5-6 weeks old, so it makes sense that she's been extra hungry trying to keep up with feeding them.

Today she came up to the back porch and was meowing a LOT, which is weird for her, she's usually quiet. I offered her food and drinks, but she wasn't interested. It turns out that was her "My babies, let me show u them!" meow!! Check these guys out!

I'm really hoping she'll keep them up at our house now, instead of wherever she's kept them hidden! I gave them some soft canned food, and they were all "OM NOM NOM!", so she would probably be pretty happy if she can cut back on the breast feeding! (Being a crazy cat lady, I'd obviously make her an indoor cat that sleeps in my bed if she'd let me, but she'll still only tolerate being inside for a couple of minutes at a time. Someday I'll win her over!)

Current Obsession: Crochet Tops

I can't even remember which photo I saw that set off the idea, but I am currenty totally obsessed with the concept of a white crochet top over a colorful tank top or cami. Here are a few that I'm drooling over:

from Free People. If only this was $28 instead of $128, I would sooo get it!

also from Free People. ($98)

This one from VS is way more affordable (under $40) but I want a more open knit so you can see the shirt underneath better.

This one from Free People might be perfect! It's available at 6pm for less than $20! It's more lace than crochet, though, which isn't quite what I want.

Image 1 of Vila Crochet Knit Top
Kinda digging this one by Vila, and it is cheap!

Do you have any crochet tops? If so, what do you wear them with? Can you point me towards an awesome one?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Storing Jewelry

Thanks to my total addiction to hunting down super cheap jewelry on eBay, my collection has been growing rapidly, and I'm now trying to figure out what to DO with it all. In my apartment in Orlando, I had a ribbon tacked to the wall in the bathroom that I used to hang all of my dangly earrings on- super easy and cheap! Here I've been using the top of my bookshelf, since the design just seemed right for it:

Earrings are easy, it's storing necklaces/bracelets/rings that I can't figure out. What do you guys do? I've been searching through Pinterest for ideas, here are some of the more interesting ones I've found:

Putting a frame around anything seems to make it look better!

I love the bust as a necklace holder!

Chloe Jewelry Tower

I love this little cabinet from Pottery Barn, but it's freaking $150. Surely there is a cheaper, similar one out there?

Love this one! This makes me want to pick up a piece of crown molding or something from a home supply store, add some tacks and voila!

Kinda digging this idea, too! But in a house full of cats, it would only be a matter of time before there were rings and rocks (or are those beans?) everywhere!

Genius! Why did I never think of this?

Okay, I don't really want a rake in my house, but I have to give this points for creativity!