Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Favorites

I don't even remember the last time I did a round-up of all the stuff I'm into at the moment, so no time like the present!

1. I am OBSESSED with MiO right now! I bought one on a whim a couple of weeks ago and I've been drinking it daily ever since! If you haven't seen the commercials, it is a "flavored water enhancer"- basically a liquid flavoring that you can squirt into your water (or other drink) to make it tasty! At first I was confused, because I assumed by the description that it added vitamins or something, too, but the nutrition label is basically all zeros, so I was like what's the point? But it tastes so good, I don't even care that it's not as healthy as I hoped! My favorite is the Mango Peach. I've also tried the Strawberry Watermelon and Peach Tea, which are both good, too! The Peach Tea flavor is kind of awesome when I'm in the mood for tea but too lazy to make a cup, although it's a shame it doesn't have all the antioxidants and stuff in real tea. I still want to try the Sweet Tea and Fruit Punch flavors! (There's also a Berry Pomegranate, but I hate pomegranate so I'll probably skip that one.)

Alternative Women's Yoga Pants - Black Clean Spirited Eco Friendly Women's Apparel

2. These organic cotton yoga pants by Alternative. I won a $100 gift certificate to Clean Spirited earlier this summer, and these are one of the items I got with it. They are SO soft and comfy! And they're super lightweight, so not too hot in the summer. I wish now that I'd gotten them in grey, too!

3. I FINALLY gave in and tried the whipped cream vodka, and it is SO GOOD. It's super sweet, just like whipped cream, and doesn't have quite as harsh of a "bite" as some vodkas do. It goes well with pretty much anything sweet, so I'm having fun mixing up different combos! The same company also makes a cake flavored vodka, which I think is next on my wishlist, although I've also heard really good things about their mango flavor! But then, browsing their site for an image, I found THIS:

GUMMY FLAVORED VODKA! Must try! (Maybe for vodka infused gummy bears?) So much vodka, so little time!!

Unionbay Congo Cargo...
4. These shorts by Unionbay. I have SO much trouble finding shorts I like, because they always poof out so much at the thighs, like you can see in this pic:

(I really will get around to writing about my side trip to Niagara soon!)

I guess my waist is oddly disproportionate to my thighs? (Although the shorts in that pic are one or two sizes too big, so there's that problem, too.) Anyway, I HATE how shorts always stick out a ton at the sides! But then I found the shorts above at Kohls (on sale, yay!) and I'm in love with the little drawstring at the bottom that lets me pull in the hem a little, so I don't have that parachute pants effect! HUZZAH! (Mine are a charcoal grey, but they don't seem to be on the Kohls site anymore, so the brown pic above is the closest I could get.)

5. "PIANO!!!!"
Someone told me the story of this at some point in Montreal, but I finally saw the video yesterday!

For "New Year's Day", Edge plays both guitar and piano, which is totally hot. At a show a while back, the song started, and about 10 seconds in, he turns around to go to the piano and realizes it *isn't there*. I guess the crew is supposed to push something to send it up on stage, and that hadn't happened. So, forgetting that he is wearing a mic, Edge suddenly yells "PIANO!" in a panic when he notices. There's just something about this totally zen guy freaking out and then cracking up.

"PIANO!" is at 12 seconds in (I am SO making an mp3 of this to be my ringtone as soon as I get my BlackBerry) and Edge's super cute crack-up is at about 52 seconds in. I also love that a) Adam is basically laughing his ass off the whole time, and b) Edge does a pretty decent job of just improvising the piano parts on guitar. And c) the crew gets the damn piano up there by about halfway through the song.

What are you loving this month?


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Crystal said...

Glad it's not just me! I had to buy a new bottle of the Mango Peach today because the old one is almost empty!

♥ Nadine said...

Haha, that is such a cute video. Thanks for sharing. So, even after all these years little mistakes happen from time to time, haha. :)

These pants are to die for, they look so comfy!! :)

Here's to a happy Sunday. xoxo.

Hong Kong Badger said...

whipped cream vodka!?! sounds YUM!!

Sylvanfire said...

OMG whipped cream vodka sounds totally evil. You know you could always sew little draw strings onto your other shorts. Would be pretty easy :)
Stopping by for comment love and loved your post!
Keep Creating!

Gwen Edwards said...

Speaking of whipped cream vodka...I saw booze infused whipped cream cans at the liquor store recently. can't decide if that sounds good, gotta try

Sexy Sweepstakes said...

They make whipped cream vodka now?? I need this in my life!

Sexy Sweepstakes said...

OK, I posted my first comment before I saw the one directly above mine. Booze-infused whipped cream?? Awesome! You could make a cocktail from whipped cream vodka covered in vodka whipped cream. OK, I'm done! Haha!