Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Current August Status

I liked the Current August Status post at No Small Dreams, so I am being a total copycat!

This image has nothing to do with this blog post, but it was looking kind of naked so I stuck a bird on it.

Current guilty pleasure: All things True Blood. I've been making my way through the books & seasons of the show this past week.

Current color: I seem to be all about turquoise.

Current playlist: Zooropa (U2), Good Life (One Republic), The Show Goes On (Lupe Fiasco), Lady With the Spinning Head (U2)

Current read: Finally finishing Fire by Anais Nin, picked up The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks at the library today.

Current drink: Mango Peach MiO mixed with Mango Melon SoBe, sometimes with Pinnacle Whipped vodka added for extra noms.

Current food: I've been super addicted to carrot cake!

Current favorite show: I very rarely watch TV, but the stuff I watch is fairly embarrassing and guilty pleasuresque: Bachelor Pad on Mondays, Project Runway on Thursdays and Simpsons/Family Guy/Bob's Burgers on Sundays.

Current wish list: Another pair of Sanuk flip-flops, the perfect crochet tank top, a dSLR

Current needs: More energy!

Current triumphs: I've been surprisingly good about laundry lately?

Current bane of my existence: Allergies!

Current celebrity crush: The Edge, Darren Criss, Alexander Skarsgard

Current indulgence: Hershey's Drops

Current blessing: BonoCat is FINALLY feeling a little better after being sick all weekend. He went to the vet this morning and got kitty drugs!

Current outfit: Dude, it's 1am, we're not even going to discuss my lazy t-shirt and shorts.

Current excitement: I finally ordered a new laptop! It should be here in around a week!

Current mood: So very sleepy! I only got 3 hrs last night due to Bon's early vet appointment.

Current link: Who What Wear

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