Friday, August 12, 2011

Current Obsession: Crochet Tops

I can't even remember which photo I saw that set off the idea, but I am currenty totally obsessed with the concept of a white crochet top over a colorful tank top or cami. Here are a few that I'm drooling over:

from Free People. If only this was $28 instead of $128, I would sooo get it!

also from Free People. ($98)

This one from VS is way more affordable (under $40) but I want a more open knit so you can see the shirt underneath better.

This one from Free People might be perfect! It's available at 6pm for less than $20! It's more lace than crochet, though, which isn't quite what I want.

Image 1 of Vila Crochet Knit Top
Kinda digging this one by Vila, and it is cheap!

Do you have any crochet tops? If so, what do you wear them with? Can you point me towards an awesome one?

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