Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Handbag Window Shopping

I was browsing this morning and got totally sucked into browsing through the handbags. (Why don't we have a term for the internet version of window shopping? Windows shopping, maybe?)

I love checking out what the major designers are doing for each season to get ideas- I can look at Fendi or Marc Jacobs handbags online and get ideas and inspiration about what's new with accessories and then use those ideas in my own way.

Here's some of what I'm drooling over:

style #316468201 black leather 'Sac Roady Rock' studded hobo
Yves Saint Laurent black leather 'Sac Roady Rock' studded hobo

I have a weakness for the rock n' roll-ness of studded leather. I blame the cool embellished Converse that Edge wore for most of the 360 tour.

style #314806001 black leather 'Marianna Rider' medium hobo
Christian Louboutin black leather 'Marianna Rider' medium hobo

Okay, so I seem to have a thing for hobo bags with leather and metal right now!

style #314289101 olive basketwoven leather 'Magazine' tote
Frye olive basketwoven leather 'Magazine' tote

This bag is SO "fall" to me! It's that kind of mossy green color of pumpkin stems and evergreen trees. It also comes in orange, but that was a little toooo fall for me. I'm kind of embarrassaed to admit that I actually had no idea Frye made handbags, too, I just know their boots. I love the woven texture of this, though, and I can totally see myself carrying it.

style #314310201 black lace nylon convertible shopping tote
Valentino black lace nylon convertible shopping tote

I love the romantic, almost gothic vibe of this. It makes me think of vampire novels or something. I am amused that it is called a shopping tote, like you are going to hand it over to the bagger at the grocery store like "Oh, just put my Spaghetti-o's and frozen pizza in my Valentino bag, please!" Still, I love it!

Do you change up your accessories to match the season? Are you as excited about fall as I am?

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