Thursday, August 18, 2011

In which I finally watch that show everyone else has been watching for years

I am not a TV person. Like, at all. The 3 years I spent in Orlando were totally TV-less, and to be honest I very rarely missed it. Now that I have TV again, I still don't watch much, probably somewhere between 5 and 10 hours a week, if that.

I do this thing, though, every now and then where I find a show I really like and end up watching every episode over a matter of a few weeks or months (depending on how long it lasted). That's what's happening with me and True Blood right now.

I'm only on Season 2, so don't spoil me! And yes, I've heard it has started to suck lately. I actually think it's pretty amusing that Katie blogged about breaking up with True Blood like a day after I started watching it. Anyway, I thought I'd talk about what I like and don't like so far:

*I like Anna Paquin. It was hard to see her as an adult at first, since she's kind of forever Rogue from X-Men to me. I do think she's much prettier as a brunette, but Sookie is blonde in the books (I picked up the first one and have just started it), so blonde she must be.

*I think my favorite thing in the show is the attention to random realistic details. For example, Jason has his new, working TV sitting on top of the old, broken one. We had that exact same thing going on in my house for YEARS. The clothes people wear on the show are, in general, clothes people would actually wear.

*Hot naked vampires. Just sayin'.

*Although there are occasional moments where I notice the absurdity of what's going on, good acting and directing covers what could become pretty silly.

*The vampires don't sparkle.

*I got like 7 episodes in before I realized "OMG, that is Zach from Gilmore Girls!" That's pretty impressive.

*I'd heard there was a lot of sex in this show, but... whoa. There's a *lot* of sex in this show!

*I like the theme song, and they tend to use good music on the show in general. The song selections for the closing credits often crack me up.

*I accidentally typed it as "True Blud" when talking to Katie about it, so we now refer to the show exclusively as "Tru Blud". (Think of the priest in Princess Bride's "Twu wuv" for proper pronunciation.)

Do you also jump on tv show bandwagons years too late? Are you also tuning in for the hot naked vampires? And how is it that I'm almost 30 and haven't found a nice vampire to settle down with yet? So many questions.

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C said...

I actually am loving the new season... I did the same as you though, I only started watching TB about a month ago and got through all the seasons. Am just now caught up.