Friday, August 12, 2011


Ally Cat (also known as Teen Mom Kitty, since she couldn't have been much older than 6 months when she got knocked up) has been coming up for food like four or five times a day lately. Since we estimated she had her kittens just before I went to Canada, that means they're about 5-6 weeks old, so it makes sense that she's been extra hungry trying to keep up with feeding them.

Today she came up to the back porch and was meowing a LOT, which is weird for her, she's usually quiet. I offered her food and drinks, but she wasn't interested. It turns out that was her "My babies, let me show u them!" meow!! Check these guys out!

I'm really hoping she'll keep them up at our house now, instead of wherever she's kept them hidden! I gave them some soft canned food, and they were all "OM NOM NOM!", so she would probably be pretty happy if she can cut back on the breast feeding! (Being a crazy cat lady, I'd obviously make her an indoor cat that sleeps in my bed if she'd let me, but she'll still only tolerate being inside for a couple of minutes at a time. Someday I'll win her over!)

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