Friday, August 26, 2011

Sick BonoCat :(

My BonoCat has been sick for almost a week! I've been a worried cat mom.

He's mostly an outdoor kitty, but he's a really weird sleeper for a cat- he'll come inside in the afternoon or evening, curl up in his little kitty cube or in a random cardboard box I leave out for him and sleep for like 6-8 hours straight. (Most cats sleep a crazy # of hours per day, but do so a few hours at a time.) It's like he takes an extended siesta!

So I didn't think anything of it when he slept most of Saturday afternoon away, and when he was STILL sleeping at like 2am I was kind of amused but not worried. But when he was still curled up asleep at like 10 the next morning, I was worried. He definitely had a fever, and just plain didn't feel well.

He was still just laying around doing nothing on Monday morning, so we called the vet and got the first available appointment. It turns out he had a major fever- 105.7! Cats run warmer than humans, but their normal temp is like 100.5-102, so that's still really hot! The vet said he had some kind of infection and gave us antibiotics.

We "hid" in the corner of the exam room together-- he likes to nestle his face in my hand so nobody can see him when things are scary.

Now it's Friday, and he's *finally* starting to feel a little better. He's still spending most of the day asleep in the cat carrier that we used to take him to the vet, I guess he feels safe in there? But his appetite is getting better and he's been drinking more water. He's SO skinny, though- the vet says cats usually won't eat when they have a fever, so he's lost weight. I get the feeling that he's really bored- he's feeling better enough that he doesn't sleep all the time, but he isn't feeling well enough to actually get up and do stuff. It must suck to be sick as a cat, since you can't even read or watch TV.

You can tell he just plain doesn't feel well.

I'm glad he's starting to get a little better, but ugh! It feels like it is taking forever! I'm used to human medicine where after two or three days of antibiotics you're back to normal. This has been such a long week!


Sharon said...

Hopefully he's back to his rockstar-like ways again soon! :)

It's funny - as you know, I'm watching GG right now. Last night I saw the episode where Paul Anka was sick, and Lorelai was feeling bad about how bored he must be, because he can't watch crappy TV. ;)

C said...

Poor kitty! I hope he gets better soon!

Remy said...

Hope kitty feeds better sooon~!

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

I am sorry about catti .She be fine. Don't worry .

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Follow me back.

blueviolet said...

Poor little kitters. That is so sad. I hope that he'll soon be be feeling much better and will regain that weight quickly!