Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Target Tuesday #18

Happy Tuesday, one and all! Here's what I'm loving from Target this week!

Product Image Xhilaration Ivry/ Rd Lace Strpd Bltd Tnic - S

Xhilaration Ivory/ Red Lace Strpd Belted Tunic
If you zoom in, this is actually sheer lace. LOVE!

Product Image Merona® Women's Lounge Hoodie - Assorted Colors
Merona® Women's Lounge Hoodie

The part of me that has been suffering Allergies of Doom for 2 weeks wants to curl up in this hoodie and hide from the world for a few days! I love the little bow detail at the bottom, and the color! (I can't figure out which color pictured on the site is the one called "Afternoon Tea", but the name amuses me.)

O hai thar, comfy-looking perfect boots for fall! I will now drool all over you.

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tara said...

I love those boots!! I bought some really similar ones from target today!

Life With Lauren said...

Great boots!

M@coffeeandkitsch said...

i bought similiar boots from target last year - with a red zipper down the back - i wore them all the time