Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Twist on Bucket Lists

I'm a big fan of lists, especially lists of things to do in your life. I've had my Adventure List online for like a decade now (omg, I'm old.)

Today I found this awesome tip at Smart Pretty and Awkward that I really like!

"Life is like a scavenger hunt, except you are the one that gets to put together the list of things to collect. Think of what would be on your list: A picture of you at the top of the highest peak in North America? A feather from a free-range chicken you are raising on your own farm? A silk dress from a capsule line you designed yourself? Make your list of what treasures you want to be able to have gathered in five or ten years, and then set about going to find them."

This makes me want to look back over my list and think about it in a whole new way! (And yikes, it looks like I haven't updated it in like 4 years, so I guess I need to update it, anyway!) You could also totally apply this to 101/1001 lists! I love the idea of having a more tangible record of the things you do. For instance, instead of aiming to try 100 different wines, what about collecting the corks from 100 different bottles?

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