Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can't Sleep, So I'll Make a List!

I am in a terrible mood.

They have been doing road construction about a mile from my house for over a month now, and it keeps me up all night, every night.

I mean, I'm nocturnal anyway, but the noise keeps me from sleeping even if I wanted to.

Now one of the people on my street is putting a new roof on their house. While I am trying to go to bed. So much hammering.

Also: allergies. Also also, no chocolate.

Krystal (excellent name) at Krystal's Kitsch is doing a give away to celebrate reaching 600 followers, and instead of having a boring standard prize, she's picking something out for the winner based on their interests and their blog. Snazzy! So that (and a month of no sleep) got me to thinking about what someone could send my way right now that would kick my bad mood's ass and make me less likely to walk over to my hammer-happy neighbor's house and punch them in the face. Here's what I came up with:

1) Eric Northman

Because a) YUM and b) if the mere presence of a half-naked Viking vampire doesn't make me feel better on those merits alone, I can always send him off on a mission to eat the road construction crew. Ahhh, blissful silence.

2. A Wild berry Shake from Wendys:

Pretty random, but this sounds really, really good right now.

3) Pinnacle Whipped vodka

I'm out. But let's dream big and go for every flavor.

4. Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2008 Triple Lace Boots

Because they're on every wishlist I ever make


This sleeping bag. I mean, COME ON.


Some chocolate probably wouldn't hurt, either.

7. Hmm, what else? 7 seems like such a good number of things for a list. Maybe I'll pass on the love and wish for something lovely for my cats.

I'd say it's a pretty practical, attainable list, wouldn't you?

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Kristina said...

Icky, sorry you can't sleep. I've been feeling the same way. Our neighbors got a new puppy. They crate him at night and the poor thing cries alllll night long. I feel so bad but I can't sleep and it sucks!