Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five Finger Tees

Thanks to my new love for True Blood, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I totally needed a Fangtasia shirt, and a quick Google search brought up this one from Five Finger Tees:


I *almost* went for a Merlotte's shirt over Fangtasia, but Katie told me she has the white one, and people already can't tell us apart.

Merlotte's SignMerlottes Bar & Grill

Maybe I'll get one eventually, and we can be Merlotte's waitresses for Halloween?

Anyway, I e-mailed the fine folks at Five Finger Tees and they sent me the Fangtasia shirt to review! I'm kind of in love with it.

Pardon the tree that is attacking me.

The size chart on the site was down at the time, so I guessed at a women's large, and it worked quite well! You can pretty much just order your regular t-shirt size and be ok. The shirt I got was made from fairly thick t-shirt material, great for fall when you want to be a little warmer!

Being me, I had to alter it a little bit, so here's the shirt after I took it in a bit on the sides and changed the neckline.

(What's up with the weird smile? Self-timers are hard.)

A vampire bar shirt just felt like it should have a rougher, more exposed neck line, ya know?

In addition to their website, you can also find Five Finger Tees on Facebook. It looks like almost all of their shirts are $9.99, except the blank tees which are $4.99. Totally in my budget!

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