Sunday, September 04, 2011

Flickr Stories Volume 2: Expedition Everest

Yikes, I almost forgot that I had started this project of posting some of my old photos from Flickr until I came across half a dozen half-written posts in my drafts folder!

Today I thought I'd show you one of my favorite little corners of Disney World, the area around Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom (which we call DAK). I've been reading a few books about the real Everest lately, so this has been fresh in my mind!

I actually took this one several years ago, before Expedition Everest was officially open. You will NEVER see this area of the park this empty now!!

The building to the left of this photo is supposed to be a sort of hotel/hostel for climbers about to attempt the summit. You can see some of the backpacks that decorate it, but in person you'll also see all kinds of climbing equipment, notes from one climber to another, etc. Of course, it isn't actually a hotel- there are restrooms in there.

Since Everest is sacred to many of the people who live near it, Disney didn't want to house the ride in an actual replica of the mountain, so you might notice the mountain that IS home to the ride is a different shape. But see that triangular peak behind it that appears to be way off in the distance? That one really IS shaped like Everest!

The colorful prayer flags are all over, they make me happy. I have several sets of my own- I need to hang them outside for a while so they can get that sort of sun-bleached, windblown look.

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