Wednesday, September 14, 2011

N'Awlins, Y'all.

I am pretty much always planning a trip somewhere, and right now I'm all about New Orleans.

It would make WAY more sense for me to be spending all these hours figuring stuff out for my big 30th b-day trip to Vegas, since that's in December and I'm not planning to do NOLA till like April of next year, but I'm just in a more New Orleansy mood right now.

I really don't know what brought on the whole NOLA craze, just like a month or two ago I suddenly decided that I really needed to go, like stat. And the more I read up about it, the more I realize this is SOOO my kind of place. Here's some of what I'm super excited about:

1. Jazz and blues! And also blues and jazz! And music! And more music! And brass bands and zydeco and and and and!!

I'm obviously a big ol' music nerd, and part of that nerdery (totally a word) is my love for really region-specific music. I *love* New Orleans music! The big brass bands, the crazy Cajuns, the smoke-filled Bourbon street blues bars. It's like crack to me, and NOLA is full of it!

I was way excited to learn that one of my favorite NOLA bands, the Rebirth Brass Band plays at a bar (Maple Bar? Maple... something?) every Tuesday, so that's TOTALLY on my to-do list.

Tell me this doesn't look like the most fun ever??

Frenchmen Street is also supposed to be a big ol' crazy party of live music every night, and I found a snazzy blues band that plays at the Funky Pirate bar several nights a week, too:

Playing Stevie Ray Vaughan covers = cool with me.

2. Eating Tasty Things!

Beignets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe du Monde are an obvious must. I'm pretty sure they shoot you if you try to leave the city without doing that. But I keep coming across all kinds of crazy, yummy things I must eat while there.

Spumoni cheesecake from Angelo Brocato Ice Cream & Confectionery. I lost track of where I snagged this pic from, sorry! I have a big Google Docs file that I just copy/paste random interesting things I find into, but I didn't save the source info since I didn't plan on sharing.

Another must-try is the gelato from La Dolce Nola, where they have flavors like Blood Orange Sorbetto, Creole Cream Cheese King Cake and Ginger Peach Sorbetto.

Snowballs (like snow cones, but fluffier) also seem to be big in NOLA, and as a total snow cone addict, I'm making it my mission to try out as many different vendors as possible! I'm obsessed with how cute this place is:

I'm not sure which snowball stand this was taken at:
Hand-painted sign for snowballs by Max Sparber
But if I can figure it out, I will totally give them my business, because snowball eating dinosaurs = genius. (source)

3. Drinks!

New Orleans totally knows how to get their drink on. On my must-sip list are...

"Da' Killer Blue Whale" from Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar, which comes complete with a whale.

A Hurricane from Pat O'Briens, where they invented them

4. LOTS of vintage & thrift shopping! I already have about a dozen vintage shops on my list of places to visit. Imagine all the stuff people donate post-Mardi Gras!

5. Wandering down Tchoupitoulas Street

I know this is totally silly, but Tchoupitoulas is one of my favorite words, and I am just excited to see it printed everywhere. It's so fun to say!

There are obviously a zillion other things on my list- my document of notes is like 20 pages (although there are photos included in that). There's just so much amazing architecture and crazy history everywhere down there! I'm totally ready to laissez les bon temps rouler!

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A party and A HALF said...

What about the Hand Grenades in New Orleans! Best drink EVER

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